Directed Study Program for Seniors

If you are interested in studying academic material not covered by any of the classes in our Course Catalog, then you can work with a teacher to design your own course and submit the online Directed Study Proposal. A directed study falls under the auspices of an academic department, must be set up with a faculty member, and must be approved by the Department Chair and the Associate Academic Dean. The directed study takes the place of one spring term elective and is graded numerically, as with any other academic course. You may not drop any continuing course to do a directed study. No faculty member may take on more than two directed study projects. The decision on which two are chosen (should the demand be higher) will be based on the comparative merits of the proposals.

If you want to pursue a directed study project, you are required to meet with Associate Academic Dean Lydia Hemphill prior to submitting your proposal.

Directed Study Proposal