Advising and Academic Support


Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists in all aspects of daily life. Advisors act as an informal counselor to students and attend to students’ academic needs. Advisors assist in developing an academic program that bests suits the individual needs of each student.

For first-year boarding students, advisors are typically the faculty resident or associate on their corridor. First-year day students are usually assigned one of their classroom teachers as an advisor. After the first year, students may request to change advisors or keep their present advisor.

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Teachers at Deerfield will happily offer extra help outside the classroom if a student needs it. Some teachers will have one-on-one sessions to talk to students about what they are having trouble with. Other teachers will have larger study groups with open questions. These extra help sessions with teachers mostly take place during study hall, though each teacher has their own schedule and rules.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are highly qualified students who will meet one-on-one with another student to help them with a specific course. Peer tutors are available online and in person Sunday through Thursday evenings from 7:30 – 10:30 p.m. Students can log on to the Peer Tutoring Moodle page and join the conversation – all questions will be met with a quick response.

Academic Accommodations

The Deerfield Policy on Academic Accommodations details Deerfield Academy’s policy on academic accommodations for students with documented learning disabilities. For any questions related to this document, please contact the Academic Dean’s Office.

Residential Support

All underclassmen have proctors on their dormitory corridors. Proctors are chosen from the senior class; they act as role models and student mentors to the younger students. They are chosen for their maturity, their interest in helping others, and their ability to relate to people of different backgrounds and personalities.