Academic Dean and Registrar

Students at Deerfield pursue a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that fosters the development of creativity and intellectual maturity, and promotes individual and community growth through shared challenge. Deerfield realizes the need for more than a sole pursuit of academics, and academics alone, and has artfully developed the academic system to allow students the opportunity to connect with many aspects of the Deerfield community while also pursing a satisfying academic course load. Deerfield’s teachers, many of whom have advanced degrees in their field of study, provide both structure and a caring atmosphere for learning.  Deerfield has a comprehensive advising and support system.

Deerfield offers a wide array of courses across eight academic departments, including many electives, so students can almost always find classes that will interest and challenge them. However, for students wishing for more flexibility and opportunities in their course of study, the Academy offers a variety of alternate study and off campus options. And for students who have previously shown that they can handle the work for the usual five academically graded class may petition to obtain another class in their course load.