Lori Clark


Lori Holmes Clark has originated Broadway shows as a performer and dance captain.  Now, she choreographs and directs her dance theatre company, Fine House,  and guides students to create personally authentic, visceral expression in the classroom and beyond.  Mrs. Clark is a member of both Actor’s Equity and the Screen Actor’s Guild.   She has choreographed and performed genres spanning opera to fringe festivals to music videos.  Highlights include Wicked, Taboo, Footloose, Fosse and the documentary film, SHOWBUSINESS: The Road to Broadway.  During the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp,  Fandango, Galas; Lori worked with many greats including Paul Newman, Bernadette Peters,  Kevin Kline, and Meryl Streep.  Lori has taught and set new work in Europe, across the U.S. and locally, at Northfield Mt. Hermon, Bement, the Academy of Music, the Shea Theater and the Emily Dickinson Museum. She joined Deerfield Academy in 2010, and has contributed choreography to numerous dance concerts and the musicals Cabaret, Spring Musical Revue, How I Became a Pirate, and  A Sonnet in Your Pocket (Limerence and Rhyme.)  Lori lives with her husband, Ben, at Clarkdale Fruit Farms with their sons, Emerson and Elliot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before they enter Deerfield, all new students are required to take a math placement test to determine an appropriate class. Students who have already taken a language they wish to continue studying at Deerfield will take a placement test to determine what level class they should take. If the placement in either department is deemed inappropriate after the student arrives, then the section teacher may suggest a change of level. Students may also request such a change and should consult with their teacher and their academic advisor before contacting the Dean of Studies.

Study abroad is available to all students from their sophomore to senior years, although typically students who choose to go abroad will do so during their junior year.

In order to garner Honors distinction a student must have a cumulative term average above 90.0%. High Honors requires an average of 93.0% or above. Exemplary students with a grade point average of 92.0 or higher may qualify for admission to the Cum Laude Society, a national honor society. 

Because of its commitment to rigorous academics, Deerfield offers a wide range of accelerated and Advanced Placement courses. All of Deerfield’s classes are appropriately challenging, but AP and accelerated courses provide an extra challenge for ambitious students.

All students are assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of their time at Deerfield. After their first year students may choose a new advisor, or continue with their original one, depending on the relationships they have developed with Deerfield’s faculty. Advisors are responsible for submitting course requests and writing an advisor report every term. They are available for any questions a student may have and are involved in every major academic or athletic decision a student makes while at Deerfield. In addition, faculty eat lunch with their advisees every Thursday and may schedule outside events for their advisees. Advisors are a key component of the Deerfield experience, as they provide guidance and friendship to students throughout their time at Deerfield.

The Pursuit of Excellence Policy states that students may miss up to five class days a year if an unusual and extraordinary opportunity arises, including opportunities in a variety of academic, athletic, and artistic fields. The Academic Affairs Office determines the legitimacy of pursuit of excellence requests on a case-by-case basis.

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