1. Mark Acton

    Science Teacher, Assistant Dean of Faculty
  2. Nils Ahbel

    Math Teacher
  3. Elizabeth Anderson

    Math Teacher
  4. Edgar Arceo

    Penn Fellow
  5. Karen Atherton

    Wind Ensemble Conductor, Trumpet Instructor, Brass Ensemble Coach
  6. Timothy Atherton

    Music Lesson Instructor, Ensemble Coach, Accompanist
  7. Christian Austin

    English Department Chair
  8. Ben Bakker

    Computer Science & Science Teacher
  9. Darnel Barnes

    Math Teacher
  10. Patricia Batchelor

    History and Social ScienceTeacher
  11. Thomas Bergeron

    Director of Chamber Music and Orchestra
  12. Anthony Berner

    Violin/Viola Instructor, Chamber Music Coach
  13. Ellen Bicknell

    Language Teacher, Spanish Teacher
  14. Sam Bicknell

    Dean of Students, Language Teacher
  15. Emily Brink

    Voice Instructor and Vocal Ensemble Coach
  16. Magdalena Buettner

    Dance Lesson Instructor/Choreography
  17. Kimberly Butz

    Director, Information Technology Services and Computer Science
  18. Eric Calhoun

    Science Teacher
  19. Kate Calhoun

    Math Teacher
  20. Samuel Chapin

    History Teacher
  21. Lori Clark

    Dance and Theater Teacher/Choreographer
  22. Marissa Cornelius

    History & Social Science Teacher
  23. Jaime Correa Ramirez

    Language Teacher
  24. Deborah Costello

    Math Teacher
  25. Amie Creagh

    Assistant Head of School for Student Life
  26. Brendan Creagh

    Science Teacher
  27. Jeffrey Crosby

    Science Teacher
  28. Lesley Crosby

    Ballet/Yoga/Wellness Coach
  29. Marc Dancer

    Math Teacher
  30. Rebecca Eldredge

    Bassoon Instructor
  31. Jeffrey Emerson

    Science Teacher
  32. Juliana Espinosa

  33. Xiaofeng Feng

    Language Teacher
  34. Jan Flaska

    Dean of Spiritual & Ethical Life, Philosophy & Religion Department, Community Service
  35. Jamie Frank

    College Advisor
  36. Andrew Freda

    Math Teacher
  37. Mary Ellen Friends

    History and Social Science Teacher
  38. Tyler Gardner

  39. Anna Gonzales

    English Teacher
  40. Janet Calhoun Hughes Gray

  41. Benjamin Grimm

    Philosophy & Religion Teacher
  42. Brian Hamilton

    History & Social Science Teacher
  43. Megan Hayes-Golding

    Science Teacher
  44. Lydia Hemphill

    Director of Studies, Visual Arts Teacher, Director of the von Auersperg Gallery, Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair
  45. Pannapa Herabat

  46. Ivory Hills

    Academic Dean / Science Teacher
  47. Beth Hooker

  48. Dan Houston

    Classics Teacher; Interim Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life (2019-2020)
  49. Amelia Huang

  50. Brian Hunt

    Language Teacher
  51. Catriona Hynds

    Director of Theater
  52. Peter Hynds

    Associate Director of Admission
  53. Cheri Karbon

    Language Teacher
  54. Sean Keller

    Math Teacher
  55. Xiaofeng Kelly

    Language Teacher
  56. Boris Kogan

    Cell Instructor
  57. Sheryl Koyama

    Assistant Academic Dean, Director Academic Support, Math Teacher
  58. Bruce Krasin

    Saxophone Instructor, Saxophone Ensemble Coach
  59. Aaron Lakota

    Oboe/English Horn Instructor
  60. Robin Lempicki

    Laboratory Coordinator, Research Supervisor
  61. Barbara Lipstadt

    Piano Instructor, Accompanist
  62. A. Heather Liske

    English Teacher
  63. Joseph Lyons

    History Teacher
  64. Wayne Marge

    Math Teacher
  65. Kristen McVaugh

    Math and Economics Teacher
  66. Tim McVaugh

    History Teacher
  67. Rebecca Melvoin

    History Teacher, Associate Dean of Students, 9th and 10th Grade Dean
  68. Brenda Miller

    Piano Instructor, Chamber Music Coach
  69. David Miller

    Director of Educational Initiatives, Director of the Center for Service and Global Citizenship
  70. Samuel Morris

    English and Latin teacher
  71. Brad Moser

    Science Teacher
  72. Elizabeth Mott

    English Teaching Fellow
  73. Samar Moushabeck

    Language Teacher: Arabic
  74. Prudence Munkittrick

  75. Yanik Nichols

    French Teacher, Admission Associate
  76. Molly Nickerson

    Science Teacher
  77. Haley O'Neil

    Language Department Chair, Language Teacher
  78. Mark Ott

    English Teacher
  79. Nina Otterson

  80. Stephen Page

    Jazz piano instructor/piano
  81. Ariel Parkington

    Violin/Viola/Mandolin Instructor, Strings Coach
  82. David Payne

    Visual Arts Teacher
  83. Marie-Volcy Pelletier

    Cello Instructor Chamber Music Coach
  84. Robert Phelps

    Guitar Instructor
  85. Conrad Pitcher

    History Teacher
  86. Thomas Pousont

    Director of the Choral Program, Organ Instructor
  87. Forest Reid

  88. Julia Rivellino-Lyons

    History Department Chair, History Teacher
  89. Justin Romick

    English Teacher
  90. Gary Rzab

    Drum Set Instructor, Percussion Ensemble Coach
  91. Mark Scandling

    English Teacher
  92. Julianne Schloat

    English Teacher
  93. Michael Schloat

    Assistant Dean of Faculty
  94. Stephanie Shumway

    Dance Lesson Instructor
  95. Sheffra Spiridopoulos

    French Horn Instructor
  96. Andrew Stallings

    English Teacher
  97. Anna Steim

    Assistant Dean of Faculty, English Teacher
  98. Lynn Sussman

    Music Program Coordinator, Clarinet Instructor, Woodwind Ensemble Coach, Chamber Music Coach
  99. Sarah Swersey

    Flute Instructor, Flute Ensemble Coach, Chamber Music Coach
  100. Stephen Taft

    Language Teacher
  101. Jennifer Taylor

  102. John Taylor

    Associate Head of School, Dean of Faculty, Language Teacher
  103. Maria Mercedes Taylor

    Visual Arts Instructor, Coordinator of Educational Programs for the von Auersperg Gallery
  104. Mark Teutsch

    Science Teacher
  105. David Thiel

    Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Planning
  106. Joel Thomas-Adams

    English Teacher
  107. Khaleh Thomas

    Science Teacher
  108. Carrie Towle

    Ballet & Dance Lesson Instructor, Ballet Coach
  109. Timothy Trelease

    Fine Arts Teacher
  110. Heidi Valk

    Science Teacher
  111. Margaret Van Dyck

    Dance Lesson Instructor
  112. John Van Eps

    Director Of Bands/Music teacher
  113. Xiao Lan Wang

    Cello Instructor, Ensemble Coach
  114. Megan Washburn

    Science Teacher
  115. Yu-Mei Wei

    Piano Instructor, Chamber Music Coach
  116. Jennifer Whitcomb

    Director of Dance
  117. Kimberly Wright

    English Teacher
  118. Jimmy Wu

    Teaching Fellow in Math & Science
  119. Paul Yager

    Theater Technical Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Before they enter Deerfield, all new students are required to take a math placement test to determine an appropriate class. Students who have already taken a language they wish to continue studying at Deerfield will take a placement test to determine what level class they should take. If the placement in either department is deemed inappropriate after the student arrives, then the section teacher may suggest a change of level. Students may also request such a change and should consult with their teacher and their academic advisor before contacting the Academic Dean.

Study abroad is available to all students from their sophomore to senior years, although typically students who choose to go abroad will do so during their junior year.

In order to garner Honors distinction a student must have a cumulative term average above 90.0%. High Honors requires an average of 93.0% or above. Exemplary students with a grade point average of 92.0 or higher may qualify for admission to the Cum Laude Society, a national honor society. 

Because of its commitment to rigorous academics, Deerfield offers a wide range of accelerated and Advanced Placement courses. All of Deerfield’s classes are appropriately challenging, but AP and accelerated courses provide an extra challenge for ambitious students.

All students are assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of their time at Deerfield. After their first year students may choose a new advisor, or continue with their original one, depending on the relationships they have developed with Deerfield’s faculty. Advisors are responsible for submitting course requests and writing an advisor report every term. They are available for any questions a student may have and are involved in every major academic or athletic decision a student makes while at Deerfield. In addition, faculty eat lunch with their advisees every Thursday and may schedule outside events for their advisees. Advisors are a key component of the Deerfield experience, as they provide guidance and friendship to students throughout their time at Deerfield.

The Pursuit of Excellence Policy states that students may miss up to five class days a year if an unusual and extraordinary opportunity arises, including opportunities in a variety of academic, athletic, and artistic fields. The Office of the Academic Dean determines the legitimacy of pursuit of excellence requests on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Academics

Fax 413-772-1128

Boyden Library
Mon–Fri, 8am–4pm

7 Boyden Lane, PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342