Heidi Valk

A member of the Academy’s Science Department, Heidi teaches biology, anatomy, and Environmental Science. She and her husband, Conrad Pitcher, live in Abercrombie House with

Soccer, Girls: Reserve defeats Loomis

Girls’ thirds soccer pulled out their second win against Loomis this season on Wednesday afternoon, this time defeating the Pelicans 5-0. The Big Green kicked

Soccer, Girls: Reserve defeats Suffield

Deerfield thirds soccer had another excellent showing against Suffield Academy on this misty but warm Wednesday. The Big Green kicked off the match with an

Soccer, Girls: Reserve defeats Westminster

Deerfield’s thirds girls team played a glorious game of soccer against Westminster on Saturday, ultimately winning 4-0. The sun was blazing, and the Big Green

Soccer, Girls: Reserve defeats Loomis

Thirds girls soccer took home another victory on this gorgeous, leafy Saturday at Loomis. Deerfield kicked off the first half with a stellar goal from

Soccer, Girls: Reserve loses to Bement

Thirds girls soccer had a tough match against our neighbors over at Bement on Thursday, losing 2-1. Bement’s stellar offense scored the first goal of