Length of Tahoe swim

Recently completed the “Length of Tahoe” swim – a 21.3 mile swim from the south shore (Camp Richardson) to the north shore (Incline Village) of

Bill Howe ’67

Now on my 4th deanship. Can’t seem to break through to VP or Pres, but am content to go on as an inveterate academic —

Retirement Bliss

Jonathan provides a personal update stating, “Retired last year. Enjoying retirement tremendously and recommend it to everyone – don’t wait!” Jonathan Clarke 1970

Introducing Fitzgerald “Fitz” Higgins

Introducing Fitzgerald “Fitz” Higgins, born September 13th, 2018 in San Francisco, California, and shown here with his Mom and Dad in his first outing by

Catch up in San Francisco

Britt Packouz (1993) and Kendra (Stitt) Robins (1990) catch up in San Francisco. Kendra (Stitt) Robins 1990

Retire – Heck No !

I started work as a Vice President of Clinical Development at Audentes Therapeutics in San Francisco and feel like I am back in the 21st

Greetings from Seattle

I have been enjoying living in Seattle in the past 25 years with my wonderful wife and 2 daughters. Any chance that you pass by,

Douglas Arnstein

After 38 years of working at many corporations building and managing the delivery of systems and ensuring adaption/success, I hung up my laptop last year.

Brief Foray into New York City

The kids and I made a brief foray to New York City over their Spring Break. I saw Melinda (Mettler) Pyne and Jeff Armstrong. This