The American Musical

Few artistic genres are more uniquely “American” than the Broadway musical. This course examines American musical theatre and organizes our exploration around recurrent themes from

AP Studio Art – Drawing

This course involves concentrated study in drawing and follows the Advanced Placement syllabus. The fall begins with a review of fundamental technique and includes design

Film Studies

This course analyzes and critiques classic and contemporary cinema from around the world. We shall examine basic elements of film production, comparative filmmaking styles and

Vocal Ensemble

Anyone can sing! Open to all students (no audition or experience required), and focused on performance, this course will help you become better at singing

Advanced Chamber Music

This course offers our most advanced instrumentalists the opportunity to work in small ensembles, learning and performing repertoire by the world’s greatest composers. Class time

Dance III

This course is geared towards the serious student of dance and is designed to meet individual needs. Upper level intermediate dancers will train in a

Advanced Dance Tutorial

This class is tailored to meet the individual needs of the pre-professional dancer. Students work closely with the dance faculty to hone their technique, and


How is today’s music put together? What path does music take from the time it leaves the creator until it arrives in your ear .

Advanced Vocal Ensemble

Open by audition to advanced and experienced choral singers, this course builds on previously demonstrated skill in interpreting musical notation and understanding of melody, harmony,

Acting I

This course explores the basic principles of acting including ensemble building, improvisation, voice, movement, textual analysis and theater vocabulary. Class assignments include writing and performing