Intro to Studio Art

This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. It prepares students for AP Studio Art by introducing the fundamentals of

Adv. Dance Ensemble

This course is appropriate for dancers who are proficient in the techniques offered through the program. Advanced dancers explore the craft of group choreography as


This course offers an opportunity to investigate the formal elements of both digital and film photography, while exploring the potential for creative expression and visual

Advanced Dance Tutorial

This class is tailored to meet the individual needs of the pre-professional dancer. Students work closely with the dance faculty to hone their technique, and

3-D Design

With an examination of basic concepts of design, this course will offer a creative exploration of sculptural practices, such as furniture design, industrial design, weaving,


How is today’s music put together? What path does music take from the time it leaves the creator until it arrives in your ear .

Topics in Art History

Exploring history through works of art offers an approach for understanding our global community and is an effective way to review significant events from a


Singing builds community, commitment, self-discipline, personal ownership, and responsibility to the group. Open to anyone, and focused on singing, this course will introduce and develop

Art of Architectural Drawing

Drawing is the primary method by which architects communicate their design ideas, but the drawings themselves are frequently overlooked as works of art. Principles and

Advanced Vocal Ensemble

Open by audition to advanced singers, this course builds on previously demonstrated skill in interpreting musical notation and understanding of melody, harmony, rhythm, and aesthetics.

AP Studio Art – Drawing

This course involves concentrated study in drawing and follows the Advanced Placement syllabus. The fall begins with a review of fundamental technique and includes design

Bands: Wind/Rock/Jazz

This course provides an opportunity for experienced woodwind, brass, and percussion players to collaborate in a variety of ensemble settings including concert band, woodwind chamber