Exploring the Cosmos

This single-term course explores the origin, evolution and fate of our Universe, the rules that govern it, the methods by which we observe it and

Electric Vehicle Engineering

Students in this class will spend the year working to understand an electric vehicle’s inner workings through a hands-on process of deconstruction, design, and reconstruction.

Research in Sustainability

The modern world is experiencing rapid anthropogenic climatic and environmental changes that present clear and immediate challenges for humanity. This course will challenge students to

Intro to Computer Science

In this two-term course, students with little to no computer programming experience will learn how to code. This course equips students with a basic understanding

Data Structures & Algorithms

This course follows AP Computer Science and covers the analysis and design of fundamental data structures. Students learn to use these data structures to code

Dig Logic & Comp Architecture

Digital Logic and Computer Architecture is a course for students with a strong interest in computer science. The course provides a foundation for students to

Honors Programming Methodology

This course teaches fundamental topics of computer science including problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, data structures, and algorithms. In this course, students learn an

Honors Physics 2 (Calculus-based)

This is an advanced course for students who are interested in studying physics beyond the introductory level. The course will help students build and expand

Biology 1

This course will explore selected biological topics including cell structure and function, genetics, biotechnology, evolution, ecology and human physiology. For each topic, students will engage

Physics 1- Topics

This is an algebra-based, introductory physics course appropriate for 11th- and 12th-grade students who have not previously taken a high school physics course. Students cultivate

Honors Biology 1

Honors Biology is a fast paced, demanding course for students interested in exploring the principles of biology in detail. The course will cover ecology, cellular

Earth’s Dynamic Systems

The course will examine how Earth came to be the planet we know today: a habitable but changing world, home to a diverse array of