Spanish Language Theater

This course introduces students to key principles of drama and theatrical performance in Spanish. It is an opportunity to learn about theatrical traditions of Spanish

Span 6H: Spanish Speaking Film

This is a film appreciation course conducted in Spanish. It allows our most advanced students to get acquainted with the grammar of cinema and with

Spanish 5: Adv. Topics in Span

In this spring term course, students will continue with their study of Spanish language and culture at the same time that they prepare for the

Latin 5: Survey of Latin Lit

This two term, advanced seminar, conducted in English, is a survey of Latin literature from the comedies of the second century BCE to the literature

Latin IV: Advanced Topics

A continuation of Latin 400, likewise conducted in English. In the spring, students who have completed Latin 400 in the same or previous year may

Latin 3: Intro to Latin Lit.

A continuation of Latin 200, Latin 300 likewise takes a reading based, immersive approach to Latin vocabulary, morphology, and syntax, using Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina

Advanced Tutorial in Greek

Advanced Tutorial may be offered to students who, in consultation with the department and with its endorsement, wish to design an individualized course in Greek

Seminar: Sanskrit & Indian Lit

This course is designed for students interested in the history, literature, and legacy of ancient India. Beginning with the Sanskrit language—its rudiments, extent, and influence—we

Latin 2H: Foundations 2H

Assuming a solid foundation in Latin vocabulary and morphology, Latin 203 will cover the remainder of Latin grammar during the Fall Term. English is the

Latin 2: Foundations 2

Designed for students with previous exposure to Latin, whose primary goals are Latin reading comprehension, ancient history, mythology, and the legacy of Latin in English.

French 4

This course is for students who would like to pursue the study of French at a more advanced level. Students examine grammar more deeply through