Ancient Civilizations

This course examines the development of a number of early societies spanning multiple continents and many thousands of years. Those societies may include Middle Eastern,

Africa and Latin America

Using literature and a rich variety of historical sources, this course studies the cultural, political, and economic consequences of colonialism in selected countries in Africa

The Art of Political Argument

Since the introduction of moveable type to Europe in 1450, political argument has been the common currency of public debate and democratic citizenship. Many of

Asia in World History

This course serves both as an introduction for students who have never studied Asian history and as a means, for those with foundational background, to

Protest and American Culture

How have people banded together to affect social change? Why have different social movements used different tactics—withholding labor, engaging in violence, inspiring laughter or shock

Big History

How did the universe begin? How has the universe developed over time? How do humans fit into this evolving story? Where is the future heading?

Art History

Students will approach the global art world as active participants and engage with its forms and content as they read, discuss, and write about art,

AP Seminar: H2O & Food Systems

In this AP Seminar course, students explore the complexity of global food and water access/delivery systems while developing their skills as critical thinkers and strong

Honors European History

This course examines selected themes in the history of Europe, from the Renaissance to the recent past. Major topics include the Renaissance, the Reformation, politics,

United States History

This course in American history prioritizes depth over breadth in exploring certain critical junctures in the political, social, economic, and cultural history of the United

Honors United States History

This course, for students who are excited by historical inquiry and have demonstrated aptitude in prior humanities classes, is a fast-paced survey of United States

War, Ideology & Revolution

What motivates people to do good or evil? What is it like to live in a society that does not value truth? How do wars