Topics in Biology

This course will explore selected biological topics including cell structure and function, genetics, biotechnology, evolution, ecology and human physiology. For each topic, students will engage

Latin 2H: Foundations 2H

This course represents an accelerated version of Latin 200. Assuming a solid foundation in Latin vocabulary and morphology, Latin 200A will cover the remainder of

Latin 2: Foundations 2

In this course, we construct a solid foundation in Latin, seeking to read extended Latin prose texts (adapted) and gain sufficient knowledge to understand these

AP Seminar: H2O & Food Systems

In this AP Seminar course, students explore the complexity of global food and water access/delivery systems while developing their skills as critical thinkers and strong

Intro to Studio Art

This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. It prepares students for AP Studio Art by introducing the fundamentals of

Adv. Dance Ensemble

This course is appropriate for dancers who are proficient in the techniques offered through the program. Advanced dancers explore the craft of group choreography as

Arabic 3: Intermediate High

This course builds upon studentsí language skills developed in Arabic 200 or its equivalent, to advance into the Intermediate-High level of communication skills in the

French 6 Honors

This is a topics-based course for advanced speakers of French who have finished French V Honors. The course is especially designed for those students who

Algebra I-102

This is designed for a student who has already studied some or much of the material that is covered in a typical first year algebra


Justice. Equality. Dignity. Freedom. Responsibility. In Ethics, students explore these and other key ethical concepts. In this class, we will practice skillful use of clear,


This course offers an opportunity to investigate the formal elements of both digital and film photography, while exploring the potential for creative expression and visual


How is today’s music put together? What path does music take from the time it leaves the creator until it arrives in your ear .