AP Seminar: H2O & Food Systems

In this AP Seminar course, students explore the complexity of global food and water access/delivery systems while developing their skills as critical thinkers and strong

American Echoes

Carl Sagan once declared, “Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs.” What

Spanish 5

In this advanced course, students continue to develop oral and written proficiency in Spanish through the study of the literatures, cultures, and politics of the

American Understandings

We typically come to new understanding through our own experience. And so in this course we will explore the many ways writers across the American

AP Calculus AB

This course follows the Advanced Placement AB syllabus, which incorporates an introduction to the derivative and the integral and their applications. Students in this course

AP Studio Art – Drawing

This course involves concentrated study in drawing and follows the Advanced Placement syllabus. The fall begins with a review of fundamental technique and includes design

AP Calculus BC

This course follows the Advanced Placement BC syllabus, which incorporates an introduction to the derivative and the integral with their applications and work in infinite

French 4 Honors

This accelerated course emphasizes oral proficiency, composition, and literary and oral analysis. Students will read a variety of genres from the Francophone world. This class

AP Statistics

This course follows the Advanced Placement Statistics syllabus, which introduces studentsto the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.Students are

American Dreams

The American Dream is a familiar phrase, but what does it mean? Whose dream is it? Is there just one dream for all Americans? How

AP Biology

Advanced Placement Biology is a demanding, double period course designed for students with high aptitude and a strong interest in science. The principles of Biology

American Studies

An interdisciplinary course combining honors U.S. History and eleventh-grade English, American Studies tracks intersecting threads of history, literature, art, and culture throughout the development of