Campus Stores Summer Hours

June 4, 2012

With students gone and alumni arriving, we’re making some changes to our scheduled hours for this week. Starting next week we will be working on inventory and Hitchcock will only be open Tue-Thu from 12-2 for the rest of June. The Athletic Store will be closed. In July and August, please call to confirm when someone will be available in Hitchcock.  Here’s when you’ll find us open this week:

Tue June 5
Hitchcock 9:00-3:00 Athletic CLOSED
Wed June 6
Hitchcock 9:00-3:00 Athletic CLOSED
Thu  June 7
Hitchcock 8:00-4:30 Athletic 7:30-4:00
Fri June 8
Hitchcock 8:00-5:00 Athletic 8:00-5:00
Sat June 9
Hitchcock 9:00-6:00 Athletic 9:00-6:00
Sun June 10
Hitchcock 9:30-1:30 Athletic 9:30-1:30
Mon June 11
Hitchock CLOSED Athletic CLOSED

June 12-29
Hitchcock open Tue|Wed|Thu 12:00-2:00
Athletic CLOSED

Call to find out when someone will be available
(413) 774-1513 or (413) 774-1815