Student News

Classics Club is Selling Assessment Week Care Packages

February 20, 2012

Hello from the Deerfield Academy Classics Club. We are selling care packages for winter term finals week. We are excited to offer two options: a $25 package that consists of a Deerfield Academy Classics Club t-shirt, candy, Deerfield Academy Classics Club pencils, a drink, and cookies, and a $10 package that consists of everything but the t-shirt.┬áCare packages are a great way to show your friend/ family member that you care about them, especially during finals week! If you would like to purchase a package for a friend or family member, please contact Alexia Hernandez with your name, your friend/family member’s name, which package you would like to purchase, and what size t-shirt you would like (if applicable). We would appreciate it if you could get your orders in before February 25. Thank you!