Track & Field: Varsity

track and fieldEvery afternoon in the Spring, close to a hundred Deerfield boys and girls gather on the Moreau C. Hunt Track and Field complex to run, jump, and throw together, a collection of individual athletes whose contributions annually make Deerfield's Track and Field program one of New England's finest.  The 2012 Boys' New England Division I Champions, Deerfield Track and Field benefits from a top-notch coaching staff and a state-of-the-art, college-level facility.  Our coaches include an Atlantic Coast Conference steeplechase champion, an Ivy League shot put champion, past NESCAC champions — long time veterans mixed with recent college graduates that balance cutting-edge coaching science with decades of sound experience.  Our facility is an eight-lane 10mm full pour track surface with two horizontal jumping pits, dedicated pole vault and high jump areas, two shot put rings, a discus cage, and a javelin vector with a synthetic approach.  

Graduates of Deerfield Track and Field can currently be found on the T&F rosters of Stanford University, Princeton University, Cornell University, the University of Michigan, Colby College, and Bucknell University.  We pride ourselves on our team unity and sportsmanship, striving first and foremost to instill a love of the sport and a sense of team accomplishment through personal commitment and hard work.  

For more information about Deerfield's Track and Field program, please contact head coach Mike Schloat at


          Name     Class                        Hometown    
          Kofi Adu 2016                   Bronx, NY
          Kemi Akande 2015                   Charlotte, NC
          Keren Alfred 2014                   Kingston 20, Jamaica
          Kayla Ali 2014                   Brooklyn, NY
          Jared Armes 2015                   Deerfield, MA
          Madison Baker 2015                   Rowe, MA
          Dana Barry 2015                   Greenfield, MA
          Ethan Brand-LaBarge 2016                   Mount Vernon, IA
          Kevin Chen 2016                   Hong Kong, Hong Kong
          Matt Ching 2014                   Piedmont, CA
          Walter Chrysler 2016                   Southampton, NY
          Devinne Cullinane * 2014                   Hampton, NH
          Lindsay Cureton 2017                   Charlotte, NC
          Tarek Deida 2015                   Pleasant Hill, NC
          Natalie DeMuro 2014                   Wilson, WY
          Ideal Dowling 2017                   Narragansett, RI
          Margo Downes 2016                   New York, NY
          Bryn Everson 2015                   Williston, ND
          Bea Gari 2015                   Barcelona, 08006, Spain
          Madeleine Genereux 2015                   Westmount, QC    
          Shawn Greene 2017                   Jamaica Queens, NY
          Trevor Hale 2015                   Hingham, MA
          Ryan Heath 2014                   Center Sandwich, NH
          Freddie Hole 2014                   Ormond Beach, FL
          Shanya Hopkins 2014                   Brooklyn, NY
          Reed Horton * 2014                   San Francisco, CA
          Penelope Hough 2017                   Potomac, MD
          Heidi Hunt 2015                   San Anselmo, CA
          Bella Hutchins 2016                   New York, NY
          Lauren Ilsley 2016                   Lexington, MA
          Kitan Irukera 2014                   Lagos, Nigeria
          Brian Kagame 2016                   Kigali, Rwanda
          Ian Kagame 2015                   Kigali, Rwanda
          Brittany Kane 2017                   Boonsboro, MD
          Michelle Kelly 2015                   Deerfield, MA
          Maggie Kidder 2016                   Manhattan Beach, CA
          Nate Lane 2014                   Greenfield, MA
          Connor Manson * 2014                   Halifax, NS    
          Tessa Mills 2017                   Lake Forest, IL
          William Morgan 2017                   Conway, MA
          Sam Morse 2015                   Rockport, ME
          Phoebe Morss 2015                   Wayland, MA
          Meghan Mozea 2015                   Sunderland, MA
          Cameron Munn 2017                   New York, NY
          Marothodi Ntseane 2014                   Washington, DC
          Blake O'Neal 2015                   Houston, TX
          Ken Park 2015                   New York, NY
          Skye Perot 2014                   Amherst, MA
          Claire Petrus 2016                   Sherman Oaks, CA
          Henry Quesada 2017                   South Freeport, ME
          Roberto Quinteros 2014                   Jamaica, NY
          Felicia Renelus 2017                   Valley Stream, NY
          Tyreak Richardson 2015                   South Huntington, NY
          Eric Senior 2014                   Radnor, PA
          R.J. Shamberger 2016                   Charlotte, NC
          Madisen Siegel 2017                   Glen Rock, NJ
          Jan Slovak 2015                   Zlin 76345, Czech Republic
          Coco Spagna 2016                   San Francisco, CA
          Izzy St. Arnault 2017                   Newbury, MA
          Alexandra Tananbaum 2014                   San Francisco, CA
          Gene Thagard 2015                   Birmingham, AL
          Will Timpson 2014                   Locust Valley, NY
          Caroline Wagner 2014                   New York, NY
          Cat Wyatt * 2014                   Waterford, VA
          Kajaiyaiu Hopkins 2015 Manager             Milwaukee, WI
      * denotes Captain                                  
COACH(ES):   Mike Schloat                        
              Dennis Cullinane                        
              Frank Henry                        
              Cheri Karbon