Water Polo: Varsity Boys

water poloA new era for Deerfield boys’ water polo began in 2007 when the team won the school’s first New England Water Polo Championship. A year later, the nucleus of teammates who started playing together as freshmen led the team to the 2008 title, tapping the same values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and spirit that have always characterized our squads, regardless of final records. Teams in 2010 and 2011 also built on those same qualities to win New England titles.

Intrigued by the challenge of mastering a physically and mentally challenging sport, a majority of Deerfield players come to the game as beginners and take great pride in learning new skills, teaching younger players, and vying for a spot in the New England Final Four. The regular season blends single games and tri-meets, where team depth makes a difference in the back-to-back contests. To develop that necessary depth, we rely on bench players, and this assures that our youngest players, whether on the varsity or junior varsity level, compete in every game.

Deerfield players have competed on NCAA Division I, Division III, and club teams on both coasts. In recent years, the team has enjoyed summer training sessions with Felix Mercado, the head coach at Brown University.

Mark Scandling coaches boys’ water polo. For more information, please contact him at mscandling@deerfield.edu.


Date Time Opponent Venue Result
Sep 13, '14 5:30 pm Brunswick Quad Away DA 15 CRH 6 BRN 14 DA 6  
Sep 17, '14 3:00 pm Loomis Home Win - DA 13 LC 8  
Sep 20, '14 11:30 am Deerfield Quint Home DA v HOP 11:30 DA v PA. 1:30  
Sep 24, '14 3:15 pm Suffield Away  
Sep 27, '14 3:00 pm St. John's Home  
Oct 1, '14 3:30 pm Choate Away  
Oct 11, '14 4:00 pm Hotchkiss Home  
Oct 15, '14 3:00 pm Williston Away  
Oct 18, '14 3:45 pm Exeter Away  
Oct 22, '14 3:00 pm Loomis Away  
Oct 25, '14 3:30 pm Andover Away  
Oct 29, '14 3:00 pm Suffield Home  
Nov 5, '14 TBD Play-In Games TBA  
Nov 9, '14 TBD New England Championship Final Four Away  


Name   Cap Year Hometown
Jared Armes 3 2015 Deerfield, MA
Luke Bakker 4 2015 Deerfield, MA
Charlie Brahaney 1 2015 Princeton, NJ
Ballard Brown 12 2016 Crestwood, KY
Caleb Friends 1a 2016 Deerfield, MA
Ross Hamilton 9 2016 Greensboro, NC
Will Hamilton 18 2016 Greensboro, NC
Gordon Johnson 2 2017 Greenwich, CT
Alan Lam   8 2015 North Point, Hong Kong
Hugo Marsans* 7 2015 Southampton, NY
Jan Menafee 1b 2016 Dayton, OH
Bobby Meyer 6 2017 Rochester, MN
Stepan Severov 5 2015 Moscow 117342, Russian Federation
Miles Smachlo 15 2016 Rexford, NY
Conor Sullivan* 16 2015 Greenfield, MA
Jeffrey Sun 17 2017 Shanghai 201702, China
Will Trapp   14 2015 Townsend, MT
Gordon Xiang 13 2015 Shanghai 201107, China
Justin Xiang 10 2016 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Arianne Evans Manager 2016 San Juan Capistrano, CA