Squash: Varsity Boys

Boys-Squash-1Squash at Deerfield is fun, competitive, and rewarding. We have a spot for everyone who is interested in playing. There is a recreational program for beginners, a junior varsity team for players developing their skills, and a varsity team for those interested in competing with the best prep school players in New England.

Boys squash at Deerfield has a long and distinguished tradition. Some of the country's great players over the years have been alumni of the Academy. Henri Salaun, Dave Talbott, and Will Carlin began their illustrious squash careers here on our courts.

The Dewey Squash Center, dedicated in 2007, is a state-of-the-art facility with ten international and five American courts.

Excellent teams require strong competition, and our schedule includes the strongest New England school teams. In a sport that emphasizes individual performance, Deerfield squash promotes strong team identity and pride.

For more information on boys squash contact coach Michael Silipo.


Date Time Opponent Venue Result
Dec 6, '14 3:45 pm Hotchkiss Home  
Dec 11, '14 3:45 pm Groton Home  
Dec 17, '14 3:00 pm Loomis Away  
Jan 10, '15 11:00 am Brunswick Westminster  
Jan 14, '15 3:30 pm Andover Home  
Jan 17, '15 2:30 pm Choate Tournament Away  
Jan 28, '15 3:00 pm Westminster Home  
Jan 31, '15 1:50 pm Hotchkiss Quad Away  
Feb 4, '15 4:30 pm Belmont Hill Away  
Feb 11, '15 3:15 pm Avon Home  
Feb 14, '15 4:30 pm St. Paul's Away  
Feb 18, '15 3:30 pm Taft Away  
Feb 21, '15 2:00 pm Exeter Away  
Feb 25, '15 3:30 pm Choate Home