Varsity Boys

boys hockeyDeerfield cheerleaders, faces painted green and white, lift their megaphones to the standing-room-only fans and lead all in a roaring cheer for their boys on the ice. The ref's whistle can hardly be heard over the roar.

Deerfield has a long tradition of excellence in hockey with numerous New England Division I playoff appearances. As a member of the Housatonic League, which includes Avon, Choate, Hotchkiss, Kent, Loomis Chaffee, Salisbury, Taft, Trinity-Pauling, and Westminster, the varsity plays a full and very competitive 26-game schedule. Deerfield players often continue their hockey careers in college, many with Division I programs.

Deerfield boys hockey is coached by veteran coach Brendan Creagh and assistant Drew Philie.