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Athletic Training: An Examination

As athletic trainers, Kate Bergeron and Robert Graves have never had to deal with a catastrophic case during their time at Deerfield. But should such a situation occur, both are well prepared. “In order to become an athletic trainer,” Ms. Bergeron said, “you must go through four years of ...


Celebrating Norm’s 40th Year

In the fall of 1974, Norman Therien—now better known as Norm—walked into the Athletic Department office for the first time. At 19, he was the youngest person to ever hold the job; since then, he has played an active and irreplaceable role at Deerfield Academy. These days, from the minute Norm ...


Not Just a Face Highlights more Community Members

This past winter term, Ashley So ’13 spent an exemption creating a second edition of her book Not Just a Face. The book is complete with 55 biographies, 40 of which are completely new additions. “The first time I only covered 15 people, so that’s very little compared to the 200 staff here,” ...


Appreciating Our Community

As we express our gratitude to the Deerfield staff, we should keep in mind that they do more than provide for our physical environment


Do you Know the Muffin Man Who Works on Boyden Lane?

While most are enjoying sweet dreams at 5 in the morning, Head Baker Steven Parsons is busy scooping out cookie dough and pressing pie crusts behind the green swinging doors in the basement of the dining hall.


Helping Out Our Hard-Pressed Staff

This summer, due to losses in the endowment and a part of its financial restructuring plan, Deerfield had to lay off twenty-six members of the staff. While trying to address all fiscal issues within one year, these staff cuts caused a sudden, shocking change that is, of course, a blow to all members of the Deerfield community.