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Watching Boys vs. Girls Sports

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of talk among Deerfield students, faculty and alumni about a perceived decline of school spirit on campus. Whether it is getting rowdy at a pep rally or supporting our athletic teams by attending contests, something is different. Although change has ...


Deerfield Takes A Tumble

This fall, Northfield Mount Hermon dropped its football program, citing a decrease in interest due to potential injury concerns, especially concussions. All this comes against the backdrop of the recent revelations that these “brain bruises” lead to later life dementia and other mental illness. ...


Has Sports Suffered Setbacks?

Have Deerfield sports declined over the past 20 or 30 years? “Yes,” said J.J. Briones ’82, assistant director of admissions since 1996. “If you look at the win-loss record,” said Nick Albertson, history teacher and assistant varsity football and varsity golf coach since 1978, “we are ...

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Sports Games on Weekdays

Sports teams in the New England prep school league traditionally travel to neighboring schools on Wednesdays and Saturdays to compete in athletic events. While Saturdays seem to be committed solely to sports, students are required to strike a balance between their workload and their sports ...


Ultimately Fun

Mr. Nilsson confers with his team during a game. The present Deerfield squad is dedicated and talented. Although “we graduated some terrific talent last year,” Mr. Nilsson said, “we have some strong players coming through the ranks, including a large group of juniors who have developed strong ...


Building Esteem for the Arts

Non-athletic extracurricular activities—especially art-centric—are de-emphasized and sometimes stigmatized.


DSPN: The Latest in Sports

Though Communications revamped the Academy website this year, Grant Fletcher ’13 noticed that the site’s interscholastic scoreboard was not remodeled.


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