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MLK day

The Onion Makes Us Cry

On behalf of Deerfield, The Scroll would like to sincerely thank that beacon of journalistic integrity called The Onion for featuring us in their recent newscast. We are confident we are indeed going to be “F*king up Black History Month,” especially since we kicked it off by honoring MLK day ...


Deerfield Packs A Punch Against Hunger

On January 20 the entire student body came together to package more than 156,000 meals to send to starving children in the Philippines and Haiti. As part of the MLK Day celebrations, Deerfield Academy partnered with Kids Against Hunger, a non-profit organization that ships meals around the world to ...


MLK Day: Defining Diversity

MLK Day benefited greatly this year from increased student contributions and perhaps a more unifying theme for the day, and longer or more narrowly focused discussions, would improve next year’s event.


The Fight for Marriage

Just as African-Americans fought against segregation, gays are currently fighting for civil marriage.


Student Activism Transforms MLK Day

Each year in the month of January, the student body gathers in the large auditorium in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Conceived in 1997, the event continues to change every year.


MLK Day Reflections: Moving Forward

In addition to honoring the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this year’s MLK Day program examined “what we do at Deerfield as a community for diversity and multiculturalism…”