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Meat Brings the Heat (to the Table)

Last spring David Keith ’13 started a petition to stop the consumption of antibiotic-fed livestock in the Dining Hall. As Keith’s Change. org page explains, “The widespread use of antibiotics in factory farms poses a significant threat to the environment & human health. The use of ...


Dealing with the "Great Pretenders"

Gus Wellin ’11 and Colten McCormick ’12 head the gluten-free club, which is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for students who face the challenges of eating a completely gluten-free diet.


Do you Know the Muffin Man Who Works on Boyden Lane?

While most are enjoying sweet dreams at 5 in the morning, Head Baker Steven Parsons is busy scooping out cookie dough and pressing pie crusts behind the green swinging doors in the basement of the dining hall.