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The Dining Hall Steps It Up

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of students waking up early to get a bite at breakfast, and we think we know why. The new yogurt and fruit bar offers us the tastiest range of tropical and citrus fruits. Its positioning in the front and center of the dining hall makes it more ...


Meat Brings the Heat (to the Table)

Last spring David Keith ’13 started a petition to stop the consumption of antibiotic-fed livestock in the Dining Hall. As Keith’s Change. org page explains, “The widespread use of antibiotics in factory farms poses a significant threat to the environment & human health. The use of ...


Dealing with the "Great Pretenders"

Gus Wellin ’11 and Colten McCormick ’12 head the gluten-free club, which is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for students who face the challenges of eating a completely gluten-free diet.


Do you Know the Muffin Man Who Works on Boyden Lane?

While most are enjoying sweet dreams at 5 in the morning, Head Baker Steven Parsons is busy scooping out cookie dough and pressing pie crusts behind the green swinging doors in the basement of the dining hall.