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From Power to Powder

  Starting this fall, the Dining Hall will be providing powdered Gatorade packets in lieu of Powerade bottles for travelling teams in an attempt to cut down on Deerfield’s plastic consumption. The unanticipated consequences of this change, however, threaten to undermine the goal of this new ...


Deerfield Rallies For Climate Change

Twelve Deerfield students and three faculty members traveled to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to participate in the February 17 “Forward on Climate” rally.


Think 80/20: Making Big Green(er)

The Think 80/20 campaign, developed last year by a Deerfield group composed of students, staff, and faculty, aims to achieve environmental sustainability at Deerfield Academy.


Big Green Becomes Greener with Help of ESAC

Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee is a group that is involved in helping the dining hall find a more eco-friendly dishwasher, eliminating bottled water on campus and adding hydration stations, and making sure that the new dorm will be as eco-friendly as possible.


ESAC Fights Bottled Water and Fridges

As Deerfield’s bottled water culture begins to fade, the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC) continues to tackle other environmental issues on campus.


Why Aren’t We Truly Bleeding Green?

When it comes to environmental awareness, it is students who are taking initiatives. The role of environmental proctor is shaping up to be a competitive leadership position, and student-led organizations such as the Environmental Club and the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee are doing what they can to promote small lifestyle changes within our community.