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It’s Raining Men

There was no shortage of boys in this year’s Spring Dance Concert. With two student choreographed pieces and one professionally choreographed piece, there was ample opportunity to showcase this rare number of male dancers. While some of the boys who participated were enrolled in Dance I, others ...


New Rhythm Found in Dance Showcase

The Student Choreography Showcase, which ran from January 22nd to January 25th, featured new dancers and first time choreographers as well as experienced members of the dance program. Dancers perform in the Bhangra piece. The Dance I course this term consists of 15 first-time dancers. ...


Lena Mazel: Nashville Living

After graduating last spring, Lena Mazel ’13 made her dream of being a professional dancer come true. This year, Mazel is one of 16 girls dancing with the Nashville Ballet, the largest ballet company in Nashville, Tennessee. She is in the Professional Training Division, the highest level of the ...


Lena Mazel Applauds Deerfield Dance Program

Lena Mazel ’13 has contributed to Deerfield’s dance program for four years. She first joined dance through taking it as an academic class and a co-curricular in her freshman fall. “I remember only doing the splits on my good side, because I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t a good ...


Do The Harlem Shake

In a matter of weeks, the dance and video craze called the “Harlem Shake” has swept the nation.


Where in the World is Ms. Whitcomb?

Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair and dance teacher Jennifer Whitcomb will travel to Latin America, among other places, during her 2012-2013 sabbatical, hoping to return with fresh understanding of dance.


Ailey II for Academy Event

The world-renowned dance company Ailey II will perform next Monday night, April 9, in the spring Academy Event and lead residency activities for the academic dance classes.


Where in the World is Ilse Kapteyn?

While Ilse Kapteyn was in Russia to study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy over the summer, some of the school’s year-round faculty observed Kapteyn in her classes and invited her to come back to train for the entire year.


From Pirouettes to Techno

Fresh, exciting, avant-garde, and entirely student-run, the annual Student Choreography Showcase featured fifteen pieces in styles ranging from hip-hop to classical ballet to tap dance.


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