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Crisis in Crimea: Deerfield Comments

Following the Ukrainian Revolution, which culminated as rebels ousted President Viktor Yanukovych on February 22, a serious crisis developed in Crimea, a region of Ukraine that previously belonged to Russia. In early March, the Russian parliament approved President Vladimir Putin’s request to use ...


Deerfield Debates LGBT Rights in Russia

With the Sochi Winter Olympics starting next week, Russia has come under close international scrutiny for its recent legislation on gay rights. In an interview given on January 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted to send a reassuring message in a meeting with a group of volunteers at ...


Opinion Editor Slams Syrian Attack

On August 21st, 2013, the Syrian government shocked the world with a heinous attack on its own civilians. I reacted, as many did, in horror, for although any abuse of power is disgraceful, a government betraying the trust of its people falls under a category of contempt all its own. This particular ...


Inconsistency in Tea Party Political Values

As Republican presidential hopefuls campaign for the party nomination, the Tea Party is stirring confusion throughout the nation with its increasing support of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.


Abuse of Power

What’s more, if our elected and spiritual leaders, along with our glorified sports heroes, fail to obey the law, what keeps every American from following suit of those expected to “lead by example?”


A Closer Look at OWS Protests: The 1%

Despite our political beliefs, we must understand that the promotion of ideologies that America has fought to avoid is becoming more and more popular among OWS protests.


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