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PG’s Collective Response to Anonymous Opinion Piece

This piece is in response to this anonymous letter published in the last issue of The Scroll.  Editor-in-Chief Henry Cobbs ’15 responded to the piece in his own letter as well.  From the PGs: A few weeks have passed since The Scroll published the opinion piece by an anonymous PG about ...


Run the World, DA Girls

If you walk around campus on a fall day, you will most likely find many girls donning a Barbour jacket, and either Frye boots or Jack Roger sandals. Many other schools describe Deerfield girls as looking the same; a combination of certain material items have come to epitomize “the Deerfield ...


Did We Ride the Yak or the Did the Yak Ride Us?

Last Monday night, I witnessed about 80 concerned students meet in the Greer to discuss recent breaches of respect on campus. Rachel Yao Just to get everyone up to speed: this was primarily prompted by a recent DC, which involved a student who distributed posters around school that said ...


Do H8rs Have to H8?

“This place sucks!” Lately on campus, there seems to be more vocal opposition to Deerfield’s rules and traditions. The most common complaints involve sit-down meals, Disciplinary Committee decisions, late nights spent studying, and day-to-day challenges that impede students’ enjoyment of ...


Come Clean, Deerfield

Are the gleaming Crest Whitestrip smiles genuine? When is the automatic response “I’m great, thanks!” sincere? Certainly, there are instances of actual contentedness on campus. As privileged teenagers, we have plenty to be grateful for and happy about. However, many Deerfield students are ...


PGs : Worthy of Our Heritage?

Click here to read the letter from the editor regarding publication of this piece. The incoming classes of freshmen, sophomores and juniors bring a mix of students that will contribute to Deerfield academically, socially, artistically and athletically, among many other ways. These incoming ...


Changing The Status Quo, One Phone At A Time

The word “community” has been repeated so many times it often goes into one ear and out the other. We do not often appreciate the true sense of community that Deerfield provides. This school is not a collection of strangers; it’s a crew of six hundred diverse students who pride themselves, at ...


Message from Mrs. McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy [ DA Food Service Director] and I are looking for help from the Deerfield Community. If everyone can just take a couple minutes out of each day from now until May 10th, go to this site (below) and vote for Colin. You would all be changing the lives of everyone in our family. The older ...


Students and Staff Clean Up Damage

The Scroll would like to extend its gratitude towards the members of our wonderful custodial, dining hall, security and physical plant teams.


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