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Changing The Status Quo, One Phone At A Time

The word “community” has been repeated so many times it often goes into one ear and out the other. We do not often appreciate the true sense of community that Deerfield provides. This school is not a collection of strangers; it’s a crew of six hundred diverse students who pride themselves, at ...


Message from Mrs. McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy [ DA Food Service Director] and I are looking for help from the Deerfield Community. If everyone can just take a couple minutes out of each day from now until May 10th, go to this site (below) and vote for Colin. You would all be changing the lives of everyone in our family. The older ...


Students and Staff Clean Up Damage

The Scroll would like to extend its gratitude towards the members of our wonderful custodial, dining hall, security and physical plant teams.


Common Thread Links All Deerfield Girls

Though there are undeniable superficial trends, I hope that each Deerfield girl can be defined not by meager exterior similarities, but by the common thread of her well-rounded and unique talents and abilities.


Deerfield Girl Is All of Us

We live in a community where people tend to conform to what everyone else thinks and does. But if you are ambitious, fun, smart, humble, kind and loyal, I don’t see why you can’t be the epitome of the Deerfield Girl or Boy.


Stress Is No Excuse

The problem of an ever-increasing pace of life here should be dealt with, but not at the expense of our customs and our heritage.


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