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community service

Community Service

Hopefully, Deerfield will become a place that visibly values the integrity of serving others, where students confidently rise in the midst of their peers and teachers in an expression of their commitment to something greater than themselves.


Onslaught of "Ecotourism"

The goal of community service is to aid the less fortunate and the service trips should focus on this service element and less on the ideas of ecotourism.


Cakes for a Cause

In August, nine high school teenagers sat at my kitchen counter, decorating beautiful cakes that looked as if they had come from a bakery. It was hard to imagine that just a month before, some of them had never decorated a cake.


Sweet Service

While many students choose to spend their summers as interns, camp counselors, or part-time workers, Courtney Murray ’11 and Danielle Dalton ’12 are giving back in different ways by developing their own not-for-profit charities.


Five Treasures: Miles Evans '11 Spends Summer in India

“I will spend roughly three months volunteering at the Taktse International School in Sikkim, India between June 19 and August 28. Sikkim is a place of educational stagnation, where children are taught to not ask questions and simply memorize facts from a small curriculum. I will be working with Taktse to reverse this pattern and provide an education emphasizing independent thinking and leadership.”


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