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Deerfield Foods Extends Its Reach

Last spring, Conor Kennedy ’14 introduced a non-profit organization called Deerfield Foods. This year, the student-run, non-profit business has expanded and its presence is growing on campus and around Franklin County. Gordon Xiang The organization seeks to fight food insecurity in Franklin ...


Under The Lights: Friday Night Paddle Tennis

This winter, Danny Finnegan ’17 introduced Deerfield to the joy of paddle tennis. The Friday Night Paddle League has put  the two courts near the Lower Levels to more frequent use. While talking with faculty and friends about how Deerfield weekends could be more exciting, Finnegan presented the ...


Deerfield Athletic Association

Recently, a group of students eager to improve school spirit created the Deerfield Athletic Association (DAA). While many community members voice their concerns regarding Deerfield sports and support in the safety of their own dorm rooms, sans faculty scrutiny, this handful of students have gone ...


Career Club

This spring, freshman Dani Michelson introduced a new club to DA’s campus: Career Club. Twice a month, the club meets after sit-down dinner in the Caswell library, where a chosen faculty/staff member shares insight on careers with which they have been affiliated.  Each speaker offers ...


Do the Robot: Big Green Competes at FTC

On January 18, the Deerfield Robotics Team, started by Alexa Murray during her freshman year at Deerfield, traveled to Greenwich, Connecticut for a qualifying competition for the Connecticut State Championships. The team is made up of 10 core members, ranging from freshmen to seniors. At the ...


Shake-n-Bake: Baking Club Heats Up

Every Friday night, one can find about 30 people baking in the Parker Room kitchen. Claire Collins ’15, Molly Murphy ’15 and Blair Johnson ’14 started the baking club this January. Students bake delicious cinnamon rolls at Baking Club.   The idea for the club came to Collins and ...


Zranchev Creates Curling Club

Physics Teacher Amanda Zranchev has brought more than just her science skills to Deerfield—she is founding the school’s first curling club. She curled for a few years in college, even competing in tournaments with her team. The Deerfield team will likely be starting small, meeting only once or ...



“I saw how much eating disorders affect people here,” Davis said.


Deerfield Rocket Club: Up, Up, and Away!

Although the Deerfield Rocket Club has been active for several years, co-presidents Jon Lamb ’12 and Jade Moon ’13, along with advisor and Science Department Chair Ben Bakker, have taken the club to new heights, showcasing even more rocket launches this school year.


"Ghost Clubs" and a Plea for Passion

Instead of opting for multiple titles in a scramble for college acceptance, we should pursue our own passions and genuine interests to bolster a community of truly driven, unique individuals.

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