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School Welcomes the 15%

In early April, newly accepted students gathered on campus for Spring Visit Days, during which they toured the school and further acquainted themselves with Deerfield life. Yet these accepted students represent only a fraction of the total that applied for the 2014-2015 school year. According to ...


Mr. Hynds Auditions New Talent in Admissions Office

Peter Hynds joined the admission staff full-time this year after working part-time the previous year. He has an extensive background in the arts and is a member of both the American Guild of Musical Artists and Actors Equity. He has worked for over twenty years throughout the country in various ...


Dean Gimbel Passes Torch to Pamela Safford

After 23 years of service to the Academy, Dean of Admissions Patricia Gimbel will retire this spring, beginning a momentous transition in the admissions office. Ms. Pamela Safford will assume the reins as Dean of Admission and Financial Aid this spring.


A Perfect Storm in Admissions

DA continues to be a school held in the highest esteem by the best applicants from a global pool, but this leads to both good news and bad news.


Crowd Control: Dealing with Next Year’s Over- Enrollment

Ever since Head of School Margarita Curtis announced Deerfield’s unusually high acceptance yield, the administration has been revamping their plans, originally for 617 students for the 2009-2010 academic year, to accommodate thirty additional students.


Deerfield Admissions: More Selective Than Ever

What do 2,061 students from all around the world have in common? Each contributed to Deerfield Academy’s pool of applicants–the highest yet in Deerfield’s history. Applications rose 13.4% from last year, and a mere 16.8% acceptance rate allowed Deerfield to retain its reputation as one of the most selective boarding schools in the country.