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Specialization: End of an Era

As Deerfield’s varsity rosters fill with more and more serious athletes, specialization has become a popular option for an after-school co-curricular. This fall the school has implemented a new policy which allows students a co-curricular exemption one season per year to train for their main ...


New Assistant ADs Are Star Athletes

Both Drew Philie ‘09 and Caroline Stedman have joined the Academy as Deerfield’s new Assistant Athletic Directors. While they play different sports, they both bring a new enthusiasm to the Athletic Department. Philie returns to the Deerfield Valley after graduating from the University of ...


From Power to Powder

  Starting this fall, the Dining Hall will be providing powdered Gatorade packets in lieu of Powerade bottles for travelling teams in an attempt to cut down on Deerfield’s plastic consumption. The unanticipated consequences of this change, however, threaten to undermine the goal of this new ...


Petrus is Paleo-Fit

Photo by Valerie Ma A new arrival on Deerfield’s campus, Claire Petrus ’16 brings with her both an enthusiasm for CrossFit and a strong dedication to leading a healthful ...


Ultimately Fun

Mr. Nilsson confers with his team during a game. The present Deerfield squad is dedicated and talented. Although “we graduated some terrific talent last year,” Mr. Nilsson said, “we have some strong players coming through the ranks, including a large group of juniors who have developed strong ...


Row, Row with Goldenberg and Kelsey

Girls’ Varsity Crew welcomes two new coaches this year: Eve Goldenberg and Casey Kelsey, who will join Miriam Singer on the coaching staff. Despite being new to Deerfield, both are experienced and talented rowers eager to share their passion and knowledge with the ...


Morsman Leaves Long Legacy in Deerfield Sports

Mr. Morsman takes a ride on the Zamboni he donated. Fifty-three years ago, Mr. Jay Morsman ’55 returned to Deerfield to teach. Upon his return, Mr. Morsman also assumed leadership of the Boys JV Tennis team. He continued coaching JV until 1985, when he took the reins of Deerfield’s Boys Varsity ...


Does Special X Come With Special Perks?

Joe Lee '13 works on his upper body in the weight room. Since the creation of the Special Exercise co-curricular, or “Special X,” there has been much debate about whether or not the co-curricular option hinders Deerfield’s varsity sports program by taking away potential ...


A Look at the Stockroom Legends

For most Deerfield students, afternoons are filled with athletics of some sort—and this often means running into Susie Driver, Norm Therien or Bernie Motyka, staff members in the athletic stockroom.


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