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Schaus ’06 Seeks Gold at Sochi

For Molly Schaus ’06, goaltender for the U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team, a gold medal is “the ultimate dream.” The Deerfield alumna, who played on the national team in 2010, will have a second chance to pursue the first-place title at the Sochi Olympics, which begin February 7. After ...


Michaels Trots to Triumph

As wide and diverse as the co- curricular options may be, there are always those few students whose passions and ambitions cannot be satisfied by what’s offered. Sophie Michaels ’16 has had a passion for horseback riding since she was four years old, but Deerfield Academy does not offer it as a ...


Q&A with Basketball Phenom Jess Hom

Scroll: When and why did you start playing basketball? JH: I tried out for my first AAU team in fourth grade and played with the same team until I graduated high school. AAU— Amateur Athletic Union—is a travel basketball team that consists of players from all over the state, and competes ...


Archery Club: Shooting Stars

This past fall, the Archery Club hosted Deerfield’s first-ever school-wide archery competition. During the event, nine entrants shot at different-sized targets placed at varying distances from the ...


Is Deerfield “Big Brother”?

As students, we acknowledge the need for certain rules to ensure the safety and well-being of the student body. It is clear that the Academy’s policies on drinking and drug use exist to serve this purpose. Furthermore, the use of drugs and alcohol on campus would detract from the Academy’s ...


School Spirit Slipping

“School spirit is something that completely distinguishes Deerfield from peer schools and even colleges. There are not many institutions that have as much prominent school pride as Deerfield. However, there has been a visible decline in this spirit. Students aren’t getting rowdy at school ...


Nuthals Takes the Waves by Waterski

Hailey Nuthals ’14 competes in a sport that some consider to be merely a leisurely summertime activity: waterskiing. Her talent can be easily overlooked because the sport is not offered as a co-curricular at Deerfield, but she and her team have been competitively ranked in statewide competitions ...


Interview with Sam Khalifa: Turmoil in Egypt

On January 25, 2011, the world watched as Egyptians demanded the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square. On June 30, 2012, the first democratically elected Egyptian head of state, Mohamed Morsi, was sworn into ...


Conor Sullivan: Red Hot

A participant in the 2013 Junior Olympics in Orange County, California, and an aspiring Division I athlete, Conor Sullivan ’15 has contributed significantly to the Deerfield varsity water polo team’s success. He made the varsity squad as a freshman, the same squad that went on to win the 2011 ...


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