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A Letter From the Outfield: Fences Strike Out With the Baseball Team

Since its construction, the varsity baseball field has been considered by many to be the centerpiece of our beautiful campus. The admissions office uses the field’s wonderful reputation to attract perspective students by claiming it to be “the second best baseball field in New England, second ...


America’s Celebrity Obsession

We are all familiar with the glossy magazines that beckon us while we check out at the supermarket or leave a convenience store.  Who hasn’t heard of Britney’s latest drama, or Angelina and Brad’s most recent adoption?  If you pick up the current issue of US Weekly, you will have exclusive ...


Re: “Israel’s Right to Defense,” February 4, 2008

My interest in commenting on the well-written article is not to negate the important Jewish considerations in this eternal, seemingly unresolvable, conflict, but simply to continue to ask all members of this community to first name and question our own biases before affirming them as fact…


Coeducation Twenty Years Later

This coming September will mark the 20th anniversary of Deerfield’s return to coeducation after an all-male stint from 1948 to 1988. In retrospect, Deerfield’s success at coeducation is obvious. Still, it is interesting to look at the variety of opinions for and against this shift that were voiced here in The Scroll, only two decades ago.


The Housing Lottery: Compassion and Consistency Clash

Last year, after observing the number of student complaints over the housing system, Dean of Students Toby Emerson and his team dramatically changed the process. Instead of allowing the deans wider latitude, our complaints have forced them into a fair but less compassionate and arbitrary system…


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