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Rumors Will Still Persist

“Is that what it is really like?” It’s a question that knows no bounds—friends, parents, cousins; it makes no difference…


Our Reputation, and Responsibility

“I’m going to Hotchkiss,” “I’ve been accepted at Andover,” or “I can’t wait to leave in September for Kent”—are all snatches of conversation I have heard over summers while working at KIPP Reach, my former middle school. But for every kid who goes from KIPP Reach’s eighth grade class to the freshman class of Exeter, there are at least twenty classmates who will never get the opportunity.


Beyond “Identity”

The Deerfield Identity Project is, for the second year, giving students the chance to identify themselves in a personal way before the community to see in locations around campus while our motto urges students to be worthy of those things that come to us through birth, like our ancestry or family values.


“Obamacare”­­­­—Socialism or Salvation?

Despite President Obama’s powerful rhetoric, there are still many details to his plan that have both conservatives and fiscally conservative Democrats worried about the bill. From the cost of the bill, to where the money will come from, and finally to how that money will be spent the argument is far from over.


I Wasn’t Sent Here!

When my mom first mentioned to her Southern colleagues that I was at “boarding school,” they gave her looks of pity and probably wondered behind her back what I had done to deserve such a punishment…


West Coast vs. East Coast A New Junior Offers a “Fresh” Perspective

September 12, 2008. My first Friday night at Deerfield. At 8 o’clock, the girls in my dorm started getting ready––scrounging closets, applying makeup, blow-drying hair. This part felt familiar. I started to get excited, “Where are we going?” I asked. Newly-released movies, parties, and ...


Stickball: A Spectator Sport?

Maybe stickball is one of those Deerfield traditions that is so deeply carved into the school’s woodwork that it simply can’t be changed. I wouldn’t be surprised if a girl never caught a fly ball or sprinted barefoot…


Obama Repeats FDR’s 100 Days

As juniors turned through the pages of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first 100 days as president in their U.S. history textbooks, President Obama was making history during his first 100 days…


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