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What Happens over in ITS?

“The most frequent concerns are ITS’ apparent refusal to help students with non-school-issued computers, the all-too-common re-imaging that erases all of the student’s documents, music, and pictures, and my personal dilemma—my computer randomly shuts down and will not turn on again.”


Why I’ve Been Wearing a Uniform

“I simply think that girls’ class dress is vague and hard to follow. So until we come up with a better solution, I’m merely providing an alternative that adheres to the rules while taking the emphasis off fancy clothes during the academic day…”


Immunity Causes Political Disease

The current law stipulates that politicians cannot be charged while holding office, and in the case of a charge after office, the only court that can hold the hearing is the Tribunal Supremo, the equivalent of the Supreme Court.


Parietals – Keep Up the Discussion

Parietals. Hopefully we now have your attention. At the beginning of the school year, the members of Student Council met to discuss the most pressing student issues. The topic of parietals arose and as we continued to explore the topic, it became clear changes had to be made. Here at Deerfield, we ...


Gastronomy Plus in Spain: Notes From SYA

Amanda Bennett ’10 shares some of her experiences at the School Year Abroad program in Zaragoza, Spain. “But rather than colonial architecture and the Memorial lobby, my walk today consists of a dance troupe twirling to music…”


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