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Mr. Keller Game Review #2 (Settlers of Catan)

Each issue, mathematics teacher Sean Keller reviews a board game found in the Boyden Library. Check out his reviews and then head on over to the gaming section to play for yourself. “I’ll trade you three sheep for one ore, one lumber, and two grain.” Just as Henry Ford launched an invasion of ...


It’s Not the Girl’s Fault

For Commencement, girls wore cute, playful white dresses while boys wore serious, dark coats and ties. During the DeNunzio Disco, girls felt humiliated undergoing “spandex checks” by faculty while boys were not reprimanded for taking off their shirts. Girls here constantly have to worry about ...


Deerfield Water Balloon Toss Breaks World Record

On Sunday, September 14, the Deerfield Community held the annual Dorm Olympics, but this year there was a change. The faculty, staff, students and other members of the Deerfield community participated in a Guinness Book of World Records-breaking water balloon toss. Signe Ahl ’15, the chief ...


Murphy ’10 Remembers Deerfield Community

During the summer after my freshman year at Deerfield, I staged a protest. I sat my parents down and told them that I would not be returning to the Pocumtuck Valley for a second year. When asked why, I flatly responded that I hated everyone. “Oh really,” my Dad retorted in sarcastic disbelief, ...


Deerfield Dining Hall Lives Clean and Eats Dirty

Since the start of the new school year, notable changes have been made to the Dining Hall—the most prominent having to do with breakfast foods, vegetarian options and beverages. These modifications have been made due to the Academy’s “Live Clean, Eat Dirty” campaign, an initiative to shift ...


2014~2015 New Faculty Bios

New students are not the only ones anticipating a fresh start at Deerfield this year. The Academy welcomes 17 new faculty members as the school year approaches. (The excerpts below are drawn from Assistant Dean of Faculty Peter Nilsson’s biographical notes on new faculty.) An Exeter graduate, ...


Feeling Bored? Play a Board Game (w/ Mr. Keller)!

Spiel des Jahres, anyone? For us non-German speakers in the community, the English translation is:  “Game of the Year.” The Spiel des Jahres Award—the international game board version of an Oscar or a Grammy—has been given since 1978. Rubik’s Cube was a “special category” Spiel des ...


What Are Other Prep Schools Saying About Deerfield?

The Scroll recently reached out to students from seven New England boarding schools to see what was being said on their campuses about the Big Green. The admissions page of the Deerfield website states, “Deerfield is a vibrant, diverse community of students and staff, and families who live and ...


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