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Controversy Over the Hess Center

On September 19, after a yearlong construction effort, Deerfield students, faculty and benefactors gathered in the Hess Auditorium for the Hess Center dedication. Upon seeing the Von Auersperg Art Gallery, Elizabeth Wachsman Concert Hall and the conspicuous Hess plaque in the building’s lobby ...


Reminiscing About Our Coeducational Heritage

This year marks the 25th anniversary of coeducation at Deerfield Academy-or at least the reinstitution of coeducation, after the all-boys years (1948-88). “1989 has proved a pivotal year for both Deerfield and the world. It has signaled an end to one era and the beginning of another. The ...


Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor, I write to elaborate on the article, “Land Acquisitions Upset Locals”, in the October 15th edition of the Deerfield Scroll.  The Academy, like non-profits and educational institutions across the country, benefits from tax-exempt status for many of its properties.  But looking ...


Land Acquisitions Upset Locals

In the past year, Deerfield bought two parcels of land near the school: the Williams Farm and the Thorne Estate, for $1.5 million each. Although no purpose has been designated for use of these properties yet, Deerfield expects them to become either faculty housing or alternative spaces to current ...


School Cracks Down

Upon returning to Deerfield this fall, students have observed a new strictness permeating the campus. It is evident to many students and faculty that the administration has become more stringent in adhering to the Academy’s code of conduct, especially at required school events. During the 2013-14 ...


Retana Witnesses Mexican-American Border Crossings

The author spent a month this past summer at the La Posada Providencia shelter in San Benito, Texas, as a volunteer. She worked primarily as an English teacher and a childcare provider. Since October, there has been a major influx of Central American immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border. In ...


KIPP:STEP @Deerfield

Inaugurated in 2008 by Associate Dean of Admissions Jeffrey Armes, KIPP STEP—an annual summer session at Deerfield-merges two successful academic programs: the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) and the Success Through Enrichment Program (STEP). For 20 years, KIPP has encouraged students in ...


Returning Students Reveal Embarrassing Deerfield Stories

Chloe So Meghan Halloran ’17: “I was struggling to carry my heavy backpack, hockey bag and sticks [into the gym]. Walking by the seal, I suddenly slipped and fell, and all of my bags came down with me. My sticks knocked over the ropes surrounding the seal and my bag ended up right on top of it. ...


Ken Burns Interview

Recently, acclaimed documentary filmmakers Ken Burns and Peter Davis visited Deerfield to discuss the artistry and history behind their films chronicling the Vietnam War. The two shared information and scenes from Davis’s 1974 classic, Hearts and Minds, and Burns’ newest project on the Vietnam ...


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