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The Helpful Hacker

Pablos Holman, known as one of the most famous computer hackers in the world, visited campus on January 15 to speak about his life in the computer field and projects he is working on today. Holman became interested in technology when he got his first computer in 1979. He spend his days “imagining ...


SYA Students Explore the Globe

Imagine having your Spanish classroom be a café in Madrid, or being able to practice your Chinese while shopping at Xui Shui Jie in Beijing. Students at SYA (School Year Abroad) experience just ...


Looking from Abroad: Typhoon Haiyan Strikes the Phillipines

On Friday, November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan crossed over the Philippines, leaving horror in its aftermath. The city of Tacloban, located in Leyte province, received most of the storm’s force. Associate Director of Admissions Jose Briones, who grew up in the Philippines, said of his reaction upon ...


Kalebe Reflects on Mandela

Boitshoko Kalebe, an exchange student to Deerfield Academy from South Africa in 2012-2013, spoke with The Scroll about the recent passing of Nelson Mandela. Scroll: What impact has Nelson Mandela had on South Africa? BK: Nelson Mandela, also known as Madiba [a polite and intimate name from ...


Do Diversity Alliances Foster Division?

Though Deerfield is prominent for its integrated and diverse community, students at DA have recently been voicing feelings of exclusion and separation within the community due to student alliances on campus. Among the most well- known alliances on campus are the ASA (Asian Student Alliance), DBSA ...


School Spirit Slipping

“School spirit is something that completely distinguishes Deerfield from peer schools and even colleges. There are not many institutions that have as much prominent school pride as Deerfield. However, there has been a visible decline in this spirit. Students aren’t getting rowdy at school ...


Study Like Royalty at King’s Academy

Deerfield students now have the opportunity to spend a year at King’s Academy in Manja, Jordan. King Abdullah II ’80 designed this boarding school after spending three years of his high school career at Deerfield. In its second year as a foreign studies option, the Arabic Year program allows ...


If You Can’t Keep Up, Get Out

Strolling down Albany Road or wandering the halls of the Koch, I find it impossible not to overhear a dramatic narrative or two that meticulously chronicles a student’s exhaustion, stress levels and overwhelming schedule. My question for these students is: Why are you ...


DA and Real Life

“Real life” lacks the support system that Deerfield provides. There are no advisors to help you choose your schedule out there, and the large majority of people you encounter throughout the day will have no vested interest in your future ...

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