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Students Serve Communities With Academy Grants

Sixteen students received the Workman Grant to support their own community service projects in their hometown. The Cost Award is a $2500 grant in honor of Charles Piper Cost…


Getting to Know New Faculty: Ms. Melvoin

Though Rebecca Melvoin joins the faculty as a history teacher, it will not be her first time living on campus. As Ms. Melvoin’s father was a teacher at Deerfield, she spent her childhood in Pocumtuck…


International Students Search for Homes Over Vacations

When home means Switzerland, Korea, or Jordan, finding a place to stay over breaks can be stressful. For international students, who make up approximately 12% of the student body, vacations often pose this problem…


Proctors for 2009-2010 and Associated Dorms

Ashley: Ashleen Wicklow, Mei-fan Parnes Barton: Kevin Cho, Sam Gray, Buddy Reed, Cyrus Wittig, John Zurlo, Ashik Desai, Alexander Heller Bewkes: Hannah Flato, Katie Walker Dewey: Rachael Teague, Kirsten Vaughan Field: Connor Scott, Peter Sullivan, Jackson Logie, Chase Weidner, William Roth, Ricardo ...


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