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Ultimately Fun

Mr. Nilsson confers with his team during a game. The present Deerfield squad is dedicated and talented. Although “we graduated some terrific talent last year,” Mr. Nilsson said, “we have some strong players coming through the ranks, including a large group of juniors who have developed strong ...


The Academy Releases Detailed Report on Hindle Investigation

An inpendent legal firm hired by the Academy has recently concluded its investigation of the allegations against Peter Hindle, Deerfield math teacher from 1956 to 2000. The investigation confirmed statements against Mr. Hindle as well as accused Bryce Lambert, another former teacher in the English ...


The Elephant in the Room

I wholeheartedly agree with the recent steps the administration has taken regarding Deerfield secret societies, because the school absolutely must take action. Students can only hold so much influence over their peers. A room search is a good start, but how fruitful can that really be? Anything ...


Invernizzi Tangos, O’Donnells Seek Renewal on Sabbatical

At the end of this year, Teachers Michael O’Donnell, Sonja O’Donnell, and Virginia Invernizzi will leave Deerfield and begin their sabbaticals. A sabbatical is usually a once-in-a- career opportunity, and these three teachers are ready to make the most of ...


Ethan Peterson-New’s Sci-Fi Novel Hephaestus Arrives This May

The front cover of Ethan Peterson-New's novel Hephaestus. “All good sci-fi starts with the question: ‘What if?’” said Ethan Peterson-New ’13. This is the “empowering” genre of his new and second novel, Hephaestus, named after the Greek god of craftsmen. Peterson-New just finished ...


Morsman Leaves Long Legacy in Deerfield Sports

Mr. Morsman takes a ride on the Zamboni he donated. Fifty-three years ago, Mr. Jay Morsman ’55 returned to Deerfield to teach. Upon his return, Mr. Morsman also assumed leadership of the Boys JV Tennis team. He continued coaching JV until 1985, when he took the reins of Deerfield’s Boys Varsity ...


Deerfield Rallies For Climate Change

Twelve Deerfield students and three faculty members traveled to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to participate in the February 17 “Forward on Climate” rally.


School Spirit Defines Deerfield

Tradition at Deerfield from the outside might seem stupid or corny, but our traditions are what make Deerfield a community that students want to be a part of.


Campus Love Stories

Although it probably hasn’t crossed your mind, your science or English or math teachers might just be real romantics with exciting stories to tell.


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