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Why Aren’t We Truly Bleeding Green?

When it comes to environmental awareness, it is students who are taking initiatives. The role of environmental proctor is shaping up to be a competitive leadership position, and student-led organizations such as the Environmental Club and the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee are doing what they can to promote small lifestyle changes within our community.


Missing the Key to the Green Key

Any strengths of the program are due to the commitment of returning Green Keys and not the heads or deans. The Green Key system could become increasingly inconsistent this year as those in charge have not made the expectations clear.


Mourning the “Bookstore”

The building’s name has changed from simply “The Bookstore” to “Hitchcock House,” and now, this center of our campus has replaced the book with the Vineyard Vines bag. We do not need an entire room of fancy Deerfield paraphernalia available year-round…


Don’t Let the Fine Arts Fade!

The website states that performing arts at Deerfield “enliven the school calendar, drawing enthusiastic audiences and providing showcases for individual talents as well as group efforts.”  Apparently, visual arts also “play a significant role in the life of the school, both ...


Lack of Late Check-In: A Void in Sophomore Spring

This term, sophomores have expressed disappointment and confusion over the unexpected revocation of late check-in privileges. In past years, 10th graders have enjoyed a half-hour curfew extension as a reward for having no APs or for making Honor Roll during the winter term––a privilege seen as ...


Thank You, Class of ’09!

The senior class will leave behind more than the “09” of red tulips on the front lawn of the Main School Building.  Over the past four years, members of the class of ’09 have contributed to all areas of campus life, from creating a political magazine to designing solar panels, from rewriting ...


Notre Dame: It’s a President!

As our own seniors await graduation, students do the same, perhaps with a little less enthusiasm, at the University of Notre Dame, where President Obama is scheduled to deliver the commencement address. Obama’s belief in Choice is sparking heated arguments at the Catholic college, with the ...


Letter from the Editor

I look forward to working with the talented editors of the 2009-2010 staff maintaining and adding to the legacy of The Scroll. To reach our goals for this volume, however, we need your opinions, ideas, and constant feedback…


We Like Textbooks in Books

While we admit that math textbooks are often thrown away at the end of each school year, online textbooks would only interfere with students’ individual studying methods. While making math books available online aims to eliminate wasteful spending, a better budget-conscious solution is to recycle ...


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