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Problem or Not, Let’s Talk Gender

Invitations to a series of co-gender discussion groups last week met with few—and initially all-female—responses, and of the twelve students signed up for last Monday’s meeting, only two showed.


Letter from the Editor: Choate Controversy

I realize now that it was inappropriate to publish these derogatory, pointed remarks, and I apologize to all those offended. I regret that the tone of the “Here and There” special issue, which included thoughtful reflections from alumni and current students, was tarnished by this small part of the edition…


Deerfield, Pay Attention!

Our campus political organizations may be lacking energy this year, but the responsibility of keeping ourselves up-to-date is in our own hands.

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Student Council Takes an Initiative

“The Council plans to reinstate the distinction between “major” and “minor” school rules, outline the procedure for the removal of students from leadership positions, and update the dishonesty and dress code policies.”


Thank You

…to the Health Center, Dr. Curtis, and the Community Service Program for a fall that left us a healthier, more vibrant, and more engaged community.


Sports Editorial: Choate Controversy

I feel it is my duty as the editor of the sports page to share some of my thoughts on the immediate criticism of and disdain for the unfortunately infamous “Choate quotes” article that was present in the November 11th issue of the Scroll.


Helping Out Our Hard-Pressed Staff

This summer, due to losses in the endowment and a part of its financial restructuring plan, Deerfield had to lay off twenty-six members of the staff. While trying to address all fiscal issues within one year, these staff cuts caused a sudden, shocking change that is, of course, a blow to all members of the Deerfield community.


Cell Phones: Yes or No?

Cell phones, while useful, isolate and distract their users from the world around them. Do such features make them simply incompatible with the community-based character of Deerfield?


Why Aren’t We Truly Bleeding Green?

When it comes to environmental awareness, it is students who are taking initiatives. The role of environmental proctor is shaping up to be a competitive leadership position, and student-led organizations such as the Environmental Club and the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee are doing what they can to promote small lifestyle changes within our community.


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