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Social Entrepreneurs ––Grameen in the New Millenium

“Through the photographs of this exhibition, I invite you to meet some of the most forgotten people of the world…I offer a collective portrait of their dignity, strength, and determination in the work of eliminating poverty.”             ––Gabriel Amadeus Cooney, ...


Widdies 2009

On May 15, Deerfield hosted its annual video festival, the Widdies. Megan Cai’s music video “1,2,3,4″ by the Plain White T’s won “Sweetest Video” at the festival. Click here to see other award winners and stay tuned as we upload more videos!


Summer Entertainment Looks Sizzlin'

Summer 2009 looks to be a promising one for restless movie, music, and book fans. June, July, August, and early September will welcome several new productions from familiar faces in popular entertainment such as Judd Apatow, Quentin Tarantino, Lil’ Wayne, The Jonas Brothers, Dan Brown, and ...


Illegal Media Downloading: A Federal Offense but a Campus Norm

“Did you see the new Gossip Girl last night?” “Yeah, during study hall!” Conversations like this about the latest shows or movies are the norm on campus. But with limited access to TV, how do boarding students keep up with current broadcasts? The answer is attributed to the rising ...


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