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Deerfield’s Fall Art Showcase

The Fall Arts Showcase, a medley of student music, dance, and theater performances will debut on Friday, October 23…


Daisy Dolan ’11: Teen Magazine Fashionista

Next time you walk into a drugstore or pass a newsstand, pick up a current issue of Seventeen magazine and flip to page 50. There you will find a familiar face promoting the latest trends. I sat down with Daisy Dolan ’11 to discuss her role on Seventeen’s style council.


Take a Trip To Paradise

Fall in the Pioneer Valley represents a lively time for the arts. From October 10th through 12th, Paradise City Arts and Crafts Festival, located at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton, MA, is flooded with people from all over the valley who have come to buy (or just to admire) the stunning artwork.


Turtle Island Quartet to Play at Academy Event

Lauded by the New York Times for its “impeccable precision in…pitch and coordination” and by the Los Angeles Times as “a sterling example of first-rate jazz music-making,” the Turtle Island Quartet, with special guest Mike Marshall, will perform in mid-November at an Academy Event.


Kayla's Book Nook: Fifty-Cent Finds

Somewhere between classic cookbooks from the fifties and thick volumes of Irish folklore lies the perfect book—as long as you can find it. This is the challenge of the used book shop…


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