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Shake-n-Bake: Baking Club Heats Up

Every Friday night, one can find about 30 people baking in the Parker Room kitchen. Claire Collins ’15, Molly Murphy ’15 and Blair Johnson ’14 started the baking club this January. Students bake delicious cinnamon rolls at Baking Club.   The idea for the club came to Collins and ...


Did It Get Better?

Contributing Writer Last summer, a group of prep school students “on the spectrum” (LGBT) met in New York City to discuss being gay at boarding school. Coordinated by a Phillips Andover graduate, the meeting took place at a small cafe in the Village. I will never forget the response when I said ...


Equal Doesn’t Mean Same

In the last issue of The Scroll, there was a powerfully written article by one of my fellow students entitled “For The Girls.” While I commend the bravery of the author to step outside the lines and take a stand for feminism and equal rights, I have to say that I personally prefer my feminism ...


Zranchev Creates Curling Club

Physics Teacher Amanda Zranchev has brought more than just her science skills to Deerfield—she is founding the school’s first curling club. She curled for a few years in college, even competing in tournaments with her team. The Deerfield team will likely be starting small, meeting only once or ...


The Link Between Snowden and ITS

This past May, Edward Snowden, a former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), famously exposed the inner workings of the agency’s surveillance programs. Fueled by the scandal, debates surrounding the privacy of Americans’ data have erupted across the United States. John Breyault, the ...


Deerfield Packs A Punch Against Hunger

On January 20 the entire student body came together to package more than 156,000 meals to send to starving children in the Philippines and Haiti. As part of the MLK Day celebrations, Deerfield Academy partnered with Kids Against Hunger, a non-profit organization that ships meals around the world to ...


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