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Deerfield Theater Picks Up [Ms.] Speed

New Teaching Fellow Katie Speed is not only teaching acting, but also directing the spring production. “As soon as I was finished touring Deerfield, I knew I could see myself working here,” reflected Ms. Speed. “While interacting with the students, I noticed immediately how kind and helpful ...


Famous Ancestors

South Carolina politician John C. Calhoun and General Joseph Hooker played critical roles in 19th-century America. In addition, both are Deerfield community members’ distant uncles. Science teacher Rich Calhoun and Serena Ainslie ’16 reflected on their ancestors’ work. Rachel Yao Born in ...


Deerfield Athletic Association

Recently, a group of students eager to improve school spirit created the Deerfield Athletic Association (DAA). While many community members voice their concerns regarding Deerfield sports and support in the safety of their own dorm rooms, sans faculty scrutiny, this handful of students have gone ...


Girls’ Swimming with Savage and Washburn

This season, the girls varsity swim team welcomes two new coaches: Caroline Savage, The Associate Director of Admissions, and Megan Washburn, a science teacher. Mrs. Savage grew up swimming in California on a year-round club team before going on to swim at Columbia University. Although she has ...


Custodian Bill

If you go to the Koch Pool after the last swim practice, you will probably run into one of the teams most devoted fans, William “Bill” Shea. Bill is the custodian in charge of keeping the entire Koch natatorium clean; however, he does much more than that. Bill has been a devoted supporter of ...


Students Lie Down In Die-In

On December 14, many members of the community lay down outside the Dining Hall in a “die-in.” A term unfamiliar to many, a die-in is a form of protest in which people lie on the ground in silence for a certain period of time. Die-ins have been taking place in New York, Boston, Washington D.C, ...


Pro: Deerfield Dorms Get A Makeover

Read Con: Deerfield Dorms Get A Makeover and Deerfield’s housing announcement. After hearing Ms. Creagh’s announcement at School Meeting concerning the new dorm arrangement on campus, I was shocked by the decision to make Johnson and Doubleday a “Freshman Village.” Rachel Yao ...


What’s Your Fire This Time?

When Deerfield Academy students returned from Winter Break, many noticed the black—and—white fliers featuring a simple, bold message—“The Fire This Time”—without any explanation. Director of Inclusion and Community Life Marjorie Young, a member of The Fire This Time management team, ...


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