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Garn—Weise Throw Down The Beats

Normally, when we think of what it means to be a musician, we immediately think of someone in orchestra, band or choir. But there are people like Emerson Garnett ’16 and Will Von Weise ’15 who do not fit this traditional mold and have chosen to direct their talents in a different way by ...


Catching A Ride

On January 5, a policy was instituted allowing boarding seniors, with permission from their parents, to drive with senior day students after January 19. The policy has been granted almost every year after Student Council submits a formal proposal for review by the deans. The deans then put the ...


Depression at Deerfield

In recent years, depression has received national attention, especially when referring to the teenage demographic. All teens and adolescents occasionally feel “depressed” or “under the weather,” and at Deerfield, the topic seems especially relevant during the winter months. Depression is a ...


In Praise Of Dialogue

The Scroll commends Deerfield’s administration for considering and embracing student opinions regarding recent school decisions. This year, the deans have announced some (more or less) momentous changes: banning boys’ turtlenecks, allowing senior day students to drive their friends off-campus ...


The New Housing System

Read the pro and con articles. We are excited to announce a “Ninth-Grade Village” at Deerfield. The Ninth-Grade Village is designed to give ninth-graders a strong academic and social foundation for their time at Deerfield—and to address common concerns new students have about orienting to ...



Dear Margo, Rita & Curtis, I hate winter. Xoxo, Ice Ice Baby Dear Ice, That’s not a question, but I know what you mean. I have written many strongly-worded anonymous letters to the Head of School demanding that Deerfield Academy be transplanted to southern Florida, a move I’m sure is ...


The Space We Share: Deerfield Invites Local Schools to Burst the Bubble

This spring Deerfield students are inviting several local high schools to join together for a regional Round Square conference. Hannah Casey ’15 affirmed the importance of this new conference: “This is an opportunity to get informed about the community we live in and what challenges the people ...


Planning MLK Day

In recent years, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been the single day of the year in which the Deerfield community gathered to commemorate the work of Dr. King, and pay tribute to social justice nationally and globally. Students discuss and define privilege at the Deerfield Norms Workshop.Photo ...


Boyden Library Renovation

Recently, the Board of Trustees approved the decision to renovate the Boyden Library beginning at the end of the 2015 school year. The Library, traditionally one of the most frequented places on campus by both students and staff, will undergo a complete revitalization that will reconfigure and ...


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