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Big Green Aims For The Silver Screen

Over 25 Deerfield students have begun filming Novacane {sic}, with the ambitious goals of screening it at film festivals. Written and directed by Dane Scott ’16, the movie centers on teenager Charlie and her spiral into a life of crime as she searches for answers concerning her mother and ...


Rejecting Complacency

One of our main goals at The Scroll is to address current issues facing the school community and to provoke discussion about these issues throughout the student body and faculty. However, over the past few years, we have occasionally heard that individuals have taken offense at certain article. ...


Meet The Rhapso-D’s

What is a typical rehearsal like? Andrea and Yuri: We start at 6:15. Penelope is warming up to a high G. We all gather around the piano and warm up, then Mr. Van Eps comes in and helps us learn the songs. One minute later, he’s caught secretly peacing out. If you could trade places with ...


Leading Ladies Will Make You Laugh

This winter, the theater program is preparing the lighthearted comedy Leading Ladies, written by Ken Ludwig and directed by Theater Director Catriona Hynds. A warm contemporary American comedy set in Pennsylvania, Leading Ladies strives to shift from the grave and dramatic atmosphere of the fall ...


Letter From The Editor

Dear Reader, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on Greenfield’s ongoing heroin epidemic and struggles with hunger and poverty as outlined by Heyi’s piece on page 2. I first visited the Academy in 2007 for my sister’s interview and tour. As we drove from the highway to Historic ...


Flaska On Drug-Free Johnson And Stress

A traditional story in the Confucian tradition explains how Ox Mountain—once beautiful, full of foliage and animal life, and abundant with rich soil—became a bald and barren eyesore on the horizon. The story relates this fact: Ox Mountain did not come to exist in this manner by its own doing. ...


Turtlenecks For All?

Recently, a group of students protested a new ban on turtlenecks. Students gathered support by posting in the class Facebook groups, encouraging classmates to wear turtlenecks on Friday, December 5. The movement garnered enough attention that Dean of Students Amie Creagh hosted a meeting after ...


Library Scheduled For Renovation

The Board of Trustees recently finalized the decision to renovate the Boyden Library. The Library, undoubtedly one of the most utilized places on campus by both students and staff, will undergo a complete revitalization that will reconfigure and refurbish the existing internal layout. According to ...


Russell Calls For Reason

My fourth-period class had been let out early, so I found myself sitting in the nearly empty Dining Hall lobby. A handful of other students were sitting quietly and working on their computers or reading. In order to take advantage of my few minutes of extra time, I pulled out my phone and began to ...


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