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Navigating the Athlete’s Route to College

While universities primarily prioritize academic aptitude, sports are also an important aspect of college admissions. Athletic liaisons, admissions officers who work with recruited athletes, play a significant role in the placement process. Interested coaches will often pursue players early in ...


Behind the Scenes with the Tech Crew

Behind the scenes of each theater production, the tech crew works to design and create the set of every show from the ground up. Over the course of each term, under the supervision of Theater Technical Director Paul Yager, the crew meets each day to decide what the set should look like and how to ...


Conor Sullivan: Red Hot

Conor started playing water polo at the Eaglebrook School when he was 12. “I didn’t have a fall sport at the time, and my dad said if I played soccer he wouldn’t come to any of my games,” said Conor, “so I decided to give water polo a shot.” Ever since, he has been regularly attending ...


Meat Brings the Heat (to the Table)

Last spring David Keith ’13 started a petition to stop the consumption of antibiotic-fed livestock in the Dining Hall. As Keith’s Change. org page explains, “The widespread use of antibiotics in factory farms poses a significant threat to the environment & human health. The use of ...


After 33 Years, David Pond Is About to Swim Away

David Pond, Associate Head of School for Alumni Affairs and Development, will be retiring at the end of the 2013-14 school year. Mr. Pond has served Deerfield Academy for 33 years. Head of School Dr. Margarita Curtis praised Pond’s achievement, saying, “David is regarded as a legend, and ...


Whit Sheppard ’83 Speaks Out

This summer in The Boston Globe, Deerfield graduate Whit Sheppard ’83 wrote about his story of sexual abuse by former DA faculty member Peter Hindle. Sheppard recently agreed to speak with The Scroll. Since the announcement of the abuse, Head of School Dr. Margarita Curtis has approached the ...


Earn Respect, Don’t Expect It.

It’s no secret that seniority matters at Deerfield. It’s a power that can be wielded with grace, though occasionally one abused. With every passing year come covetable new privileges. Our seniors in particular have every reminder of their status at the top of the food chain, from the senior ...


Was the Hefty Sum “Justified?”

There are three types of people in this world: people who do their summer reading, people who pretend they do and people who proudly showcase their procrastination skills while desperately skimming chapter titles and SparkNotes. Each group was represented at this fall’s Academy Event: Michael ...


Take the Shoe Out of the Door

Parietals. The word oozes innuendo, exclusivity and awkwardness. Teenage relationships and hook-ups are uncomfortable enough; throwing in a suspecting faculty member and giggling girls or boys yelling encouragement makes the involved parties (or victims) cringe with shame. Why all the pomp and ...


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