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And a Hearty Welcome

Deerfield extends a warm welcome to thirteen new faculty for the 2010-2011 year.


Art at the Dorm Olympics!

On Sunday September 12th, we held our annual Dorm Olympics. Here we have the top four works from both the Drawing and Caricature contests. Check them out!


Five Treasures: Miles Evans '11 Spends Summer in India

“I will spend roughly three months volunteering at the Taktse International School in Sikkim, India between June 19 and August 28. Sikkim is a place of educational stagnation, where children are taught to not ask questions and simply memorize facts from a small curriculum. I will be working with Taktse to reverse this pattern and provide an education emphasizing independent thinking and leadership.”


Will You be a Judge?

Deerfield is seeking adult volunteers to judge at the International Independent Schools’ Public Speaking Competition (IISPSC), which the school is hosting next October 1-4.


Proctors for 2009-2010 and Associated Dorms

Ashley: Ashleen Wicklow, Mei-fan Parnes Barton: Kevin Cho, Sam Gray, Buddy Reed, Cyrus Wittig, John Zurlo, Ashik Desai, Alexander Heller Bewkes: Hannah Flato, Katie Walker Dewey: Rachael Teague, Kirsten Vaughan Field: Connor Scott, Peter Sullivan, Jackson Logie, Chase Weidner, William Roth, Ricardo ...


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