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Teachers Rock

Now that the faculty band has increased its presence on campus by performing more often during school meetings, students have discovered their teachers’ talent outside the classroom.


From Pirouettes to Techno

Fresh, exciting, avant-garde, and entirely student-run, the annual Student Choreography Showcase featured fifteen pieces in styles ranging from hip-hop to classical ballet to tap dance.


CocoRosie Comes to Northampton

As I entered the dimly lit clubroom with Amanda Bennett ’10 at my side, I could see that Shira E. had already begun the opening act…


DArts Trip to Paris: A Reflection

Minutes after taking SATs, fourteen girls boarded the bus to the airport for Deerfield’s first-ever DArts Visual Arts Trip to Paris.

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Getting Graphic

Most books are words, words, words, with, perhaps, an occasional illustration. When was the last time you looked at a book in which the illustrations were equally important as the words?


Touch Fire, Smith College Ceramics Exhibit

Touch Fire is a unique exhibit consistingof work by 21 female ceramicists, showcases the artistic breadth of women artists throughout Japan. The 94 ceramic pieces in the exhibit, all lent by an alumna of Smith College, consist of diverse styles…

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Deerfield’s Fall Art Showcase

The Fall Arts Showcase, a medley of student music, dance, and theater performances will debut on Friday, October 23…


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