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Run the World, DA Girls

If you walk around campus on a fall day, you will most likely find many girls donning a Barbour jacket, and either Frye boots or Jack Roger sandals. Many other schools describe Deerfield girls as looking the same; a combination of certain material items have come to epitomize “the Deerfield ...


Ukulele and Drum Ensemble

The Deerfield Ukulele and Drum Ensemble is a new club that allows students, with any range of musical talent, to pick up a bongo drum or a ukulele and jam with other Deerfield students. This student-run club highlights the belief that anyone can be a musician: no previous experience required. ...


Spring Blood Drive

In April 28th, Deerfield hosted its second blood drive of the year. “This blood drive was much better than the fall,” said Francoise Ellis, who oversaw the event. “More people signed up this spring. We had about 50 people sign up, with a few walk-ons, but we were able to get 34 pints, which ...


The Scroll’s River / Summer Playlist

1. “West Coast” – Lana del Ray 2. “Goodness Gracious” – Ellie Goulding (The Chainsmokers Remix) 3. “Its on Again” – Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar 4. “Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles 5. “Summer” – Calvin ...


Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader, First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to Charlotte Allen and the entire 2013-14 Scroll Board. You have transformed The Scroll into a platform for serious dialogue between students, alumni and the administration. Under your leadership, The Scroll has addressed ...


Too Much, Too Soon in Lax Recruiting?

“It has been an incremental creep,” Athletic Director and boys varsity lacrosse coach Charles Davis said of the college recruitment process. “Every other year, the cycle seems to move six months earlier.” Harrison Lane ’15 played against Navy Prep last May. Deerfield Flickr. Lacrosse ...


Hailey Nuthals: Behind the Counter at the Greer

In one night, I make as many as 20 Oreo frappes. Between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturdays, I can make more than 40 bacon- egg bagels. I prepared all three of the soy iced coffees you drank just now with the coffee I brewed at the beginning of my shift. I am a Greer worker. Chloe So I am, however, also ...


Letter from the Editor Regarding Anonymous PG Letter

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR REGARDING THE PG LETTER PUBLISHED IN THE APRIL EDITION OF THE SCROLL: Dear Reader, Over the past few days, the the editorial piece about PGs at Deerfield has inspired heated debate on campus. The piece, which was published in the April edition of The Scroll, can be found at: ...


PGs : Worthy of Our Heritage?

Click here to read the letter from the editor regarding publication of this piece. The incoming classes of freshmen, sophomores and juniors bring a mix of students that will contribute to Deerfield academically, socially, artistically and athletically, among many other ways. These incoming ...


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