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Feeling Bored? Play a Board Game (w/ Mr. Keller)!

Spiel des Jahres, anyone? For us non-German speakers in the community, the English translation is:  “Game of the Year.” The Spiel des Jahres Award—the international game board version of an Oscar or a Grammy—has been given since 1978. Rubik’s Cube was a “special category” Spiel des ...


Sports Games on Weekdays

Sports teams in the New England prep school league traditionally travel to neighboring schools on Wednesdays and Saturdays to compete in athletic events. While Saturdays seem to be committed solely to sports, students are required to strike a balance between their workload and their sports ...


Deerfield Teachers to Travel to World Cup

This June, Dean of Faculty John Taylor, Spanish teacher Stephen Taft, faculty spouse John Friends and a friend of Mr. Friends will travel to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The group of four has played on an indoor soccer team for multiple years, and they decided that this summer it would be ...


When Boarding School Students Return Home

Summer break is around the corner and excitement is building on campus for the upcoming three months where students will disperse from campus and integrate back into their respective communities.  From one small Massachusetts town, Deerfield’s student body will sprawl into 42 states and 37 ...

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Career Club

This spring, freshman Dani Michelson introduced a new club to DA’s campus: Career Club. Twice a month, the club meets after sit-down dinner in the Caswell library, where a chosen faculty/staff member shares insight on careers with which they have been affiliated.  Each speaker offers ...


Ken Burns Interview

Recently, acclaimed documentary filmmakers Ken Burns and Peter Davis visited Deerfield to discuss the artistry and history behind their films chronicling the Vietnam War. The two shared information and scenes from Davis’s 1974 classic, Hearts and Minds, and Burns’ newest project on the Vietnam ...


PG’s Collective Response to Anonymous Opinion Piece

This piece is in response to this anonymous letter published in the last issue of The Scroll.  Editor-in-Chief Henry Cobbs ’15 responded to the piece in his own letter as well.  From the PGs: A few weeks have passed since The Scroll published the opinion piece by an anonymous PG about ...


Run the World, DA Girls

If you walk around campus on a fall day, you will most likely find many girls donning a Barbour jacket, and either Frye boots or Jack Roger sandals. Many other schools describe Deerfield girls as looking the same; a combination of certain material items have come to epitomize “the Deerfield ...


Ukulele and Drum Ensemble

The Deerfield Ukulele and Drum Ensemble is a new club that allows students, with any range of musical talent, to pick up a bongo drum or a ukulele and jam with other Deerfield students. This student-run club highlights the belief that anyone can be a musician: no previous experience required. ...


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