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Submitting Editorials

The Scroll Board would like to extend an invitation to the Deerfield student body, faculty and staff to share your opinions with us and the Deerfield community. To submit opinion pieces, please email with your proposed topic and viewpoint. Once approved, opinion pieces are ...


Mastering the Mastery Technique

Mr. Emerson, Dr. Hills and Dr. Ross have implemented a program called mastery learning into their Chemistry I classes. In learning the material, students must read the section in their online textbook and complete two “learning opportunities” which include videos and practice problems. Then ...


Who You Gonna Call?

The Deerfield Inn—prominently located on old Main Street— is known for its colonial New England atmosphere, historical significance, and its ...

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Go SXSW, Young Man

When most people imagine how they’ll spend their spring break, it’s on a beach on some faraway tropical island. But for Mr. Thiel and Mr. Nilsson, this is not the case. For the past few years, they have been attending the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas. Spanning 10 days, SXSW ...


Ms. Whitcomb Finds New Rhythms on Sabbatical

After a yearlong sabbatical, Visual and Performing Arts teacher Jennifer Whitcomb is back at Deerfield Academy. Traveling to different parts of Latin America, the Caribbean Basin and New York City over the course of the year, she became certified in different dancing techniques and reconnected with ...


Deerfield Trip to Costa Rica for Environmental Science

From left to right: Mr. David Miller, Lili Brown '14, Keren Alfred '14, Christian Schade '15, Tripp Kaelin '14, Mr. Jeffrey Jewett, Tess Donovan '14, Alyssa Moreau '14, Bryce Bolotin '15, J.C. Pardo '15, Ashley Cooper '14, host Caroline Grew '99, ...


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